LED Halo Headlights can be a super cool upgrade to any Jeep, car or motorcycle that uses standard C-7 round headlights.

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CoolToys TV started out with this very video. Scott and a friend were discussing how to get more “views” subscribers and likes. His friend said that quality mattered and that you needed the best of everything. He thought it had to be perfect.

Scott disagreed, saying that the content was the key. If you created content relative to the audience, you had a winner. So since Scott and another friend both had Jeep JKU Wrangler Unlimiteds, they did some digging. One of the most sought after options for the JKU turned out to be simple. Well simple in concept that is.

You see Daytime Running Lights or DRL’s are required of new cars, and Jeep owners somehow were missing out on this great safety feature. Scott decided this was content people wanted, and using only a Canon Handycam, iPhone and Røde microphone, made this video. Nope, not a lot of quality film work here.

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The Jeeps Like Scott and Craigs that are delivered in Canada have DRL’s. Jeep simply supplied 50% voltage to the headlights using a software controlled relay. Unfortunately the Cann Buss software in the JKU did not allow this to be turned on in the US. Scott found a solution he thought might work. LED Halo Headlights. Not only did they work as DRL’s they looked really cool, and CoolToys TV had it’s start.

LED Halo Headlight on a JKU Vs JLU Factory LED Ring Light
LED Halo Headlights

Scott called it Tech-Tach-Dough at first, but no one wanted to hear him talk about money and business. At least not this audience so he made it about Tech and Tach, the CoolToys, and CoolToys was born. If you want to hear him talk about business, you can subscribe to the Small Business Marketing Minute on his website.

CoolToys Approved Stamp XS
CoolToys Approved Stamp XS
CoolToys Approved Stamp XS

These Headlights are CoolToys Approved with Three stars. The reason is simple. These are the very first version and were easy to install upside down and one failed within a few months. The New Ones got Four.

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