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Jeep Seat Covers and RC Airplanes on CoolToys ® TV. In this episode Scott installs some seat covers in the CruToys JLU and checks out his friends RC airplane channel.

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Or if you’re in Southern California, give us a call. Maybe we’ll come see you. Like our friends at TruSpeed when we run out to the track at the Thermal Club. Next time we’re going to have Dominique come over from Nantes France. He is hosting a show there on and it’s all about cars.

He’s got the shop, there too, LA Garage Musee, and on He talks about all kinds of great American cars that he buys here and exports over. And something that he’s interested in now and that we of course are interested in is Jeeps. He’s got a Rubicon he wants us to look at. We’ve got our Sahara kind of plain, you know, nothing special Sahara yet.

We’ve got a two and a half inch lift kit. The, uh, Mopar Fox sitting on the floor in the shop waiting to get installed. We haven’t done it yet. Um, mostly it’s because I’m just too cheap to put new tires and wheels on it without burning up the ones we got. You know, you go to Craigslist, 250 bucks, you can have a set of Jeep Wheels.

That just doesn’t make any sense. But that’s just me being a cheap. So we are gonna do something for the Jeep, and after that we’re gonna show you some airplanes like this. These are for my buddy Mel. He’s got a bunch of these six and eight foot wingspan, crazy radio control airplanes, some great stuff.

He’s got a great YouTube channel. We’ll talk about that after this video where I put in some seat covers on our JLU.

Time for Jeep Seat Covers

Hey gang, welcome to the Cool Toy Studio. We are here today to do a little modification of the Jeep. Um, we’re gonna do something that is, uh, a little, just disposable. I guess we’re gonna put in some sacrificial Jeep seat covers, but before we do that and talk about it, I wanna talk about a couple other things.

You notice the hoods up. One of the biggest problems we’ve had with this JLU, and as much as I like the e torque, I would’ve rather had the diesel. Um, Because they’re both turbocharged and one of the things that I’ve talked about in several forums is the fact that when you turbocharge, you don’t lose horsepower at altitude, which makes this as powerful as the Hemi.

Jeep Seat Covers Installed Photo Copyright 2022 CoolToys ® TV
Jeep Seat Covers Installed in the CruToys JLU

When you’re up at Rubicon, 7,000 feet, 6,000 feet, you got half or little less, maybe 40% of the air. And that big giant V8’s, they’re just working and working. Little turbo spins, puts it in there. You get all the air. So that has been a great asset to the Jeep, but I’d much rather have the diesel for a whole bunch of reasons.

One of them is exactly what’s happening now with the e Torque. Since the last episode, it sat here in the studio. It’s been plugged into a battery tender. Apparently we plugged it into the wrong place. We didn’t go direct to battery. We did uh, chassis for the ground and battery and dead is a doornail, not one battery working the auxiliary batteries, everything totally dead.

But we can still do what we’re gonna do today. We’re gonna talk a little bit about seat covers cuz we like dogs, right? Dogs were a lot of fun and my dog loves the Jeep. I know in the old days Nissan had that great commercial dogs love trucks. Well, they love Jeeps too. And they don’t like Chevy Volts. I can tell you that.

She really hated that car. Um, hard for her to get in and she actually whizzed on the tire. Got rid of the F-150. So now that we’ve got the Jeep, this is really Chloe’s toy. She loves going out in it When we go shoot episodes and riding along with me, and you’ll see her in a lot of the photos and every once in a while you’ll see her head Bo in on a video if we’re driving the Jeep.

It’s All About The Dog

So we had the weather tech backseat. I’ll tell you, it’s an F, it doesn’t get a cool toy’s award doesn’t even get in a near approval because it’s too slippery. Any kind of breaking action or if you’re doing any off-roading at all with a dog back there, slide right off the seat. So you’ve gotta get the safety harness and all that and.

You know, yeah, we probably should have a safety harness on our dogs in the back seat, especially if we’re going even a little offroading on a one or a two. But Chloe doesn’t like it, so we found a pretty cool seat. Um, this one here, Orvis nice and thick, PAing, and she likes it a lot. It’s very comfortable for her.

But one of the issues is it’s really hard to get people in and out of it, and it’s very bulky so the seats don’t fold down. We’re not really sure if it’s a hundred percent. It definitely gets a, you know, an approval, but wife approved it too, so it’s just a good product. Um, Orvis, Orvis did a nice job with that, and we’ve got one in, in each of the cars that we drive every day.

So, but for the Jeep, you know, I wanted something a little thinner and I want to keep it more practical, meaning that I want to be able to use the backseat to, I wanna fold them down if we’re gonna haul something. I mean, there’s, when you get a jail u you get the space. You want to be able to use it, right.

What we’ve picked up is some nere. Um, and as you know, my favorite color is blue, so this is the blues we can get, but we got some nere covers and they’re, you know, sort of sacrificial because this way if the dog destroys them, we don’t care. This is the front seat cover. You can see it’s got the back pocket and everything, so you don’t even lose that.

It’s nere like wetsuit material, so it should be waterproof. The thing that I’m very curious about is in the summer with the roof off, will this be hotter or cooler than the leather? So we are trying to protect the leather. It is a little overkill to have leather in a Jeep, but it’s a Sahara, one of the nicer ones, a little more cushy.

Uh, we still don’t use it on long, long road trips as the primary vehicle because. It’s kind of loud. And right now with the speed limits not being enforced, it’s a little crazy, but on the inside, nice and soft. So this should protect the leather. Well, so we’re gonna go ahead and put this in. I won’t, uh, go through every single step cuz a lot of it is pretty straightforward and obvious.

But, um, if you watch this, we’re gonna speed through it and then we’ll get back up into studio and finish up with some other things. But anyway, so neo freeing seat. Wetsuit material, we’re gonna put ’em in and we’ll talk about ’em in other episodes and see how they go. But for today, let’s just get ’em put in there.

Covers Go On

Even in a studio with this much light. Don’t need a flashlight. So we’re down to the last seat. This is it. We’ve got the lumbar support adapter hole. We’ll get this in, we’ll be done. And you can see it’s already kind of looking good. Uh, I like the blue goes good. I didn’t quite match the same steel blue I got up here, but it is cool.

So we’ll see. The question is will they last and more importantly, will they keep the sweat and everything from getting through cuz they say they’re waterproof. , you know, waterproof means not breathable, so it could be hot. We’ll see. This is gonna be a little bit of a longer term test, uh, to see how they go, and we’ll go from there.

So let me get these last couple of pieces shoved in here. We’ll get ’em done and get this segment complete for the day.

Oops. And these are the hard ones.

If you don’t get them way down there, you’ll never get to ’em.

The Finishing Thought About Seat Covers

That side’s not what I’m gonna call the perfect fit because of the, uh, up, down adjustment here. So the lumbar, the two handles kind of get in the way. Um, but you know, it is a seat cover. It’s not a seat.

Going with CoolToys rule number one that if you need directions It’s not a cool toy. So far we’ve got all the way in without having to have to open any directions. Now that’s a good sign for these Jeep seat covers. And if you saw an earlier episode and you had one of these right time tents out of the back seat, take it out. It was kind of a hassle, but I can put it back in for now since that part is done.

All right, so we’re finished up, done here. We’ve got the back seats in. It’s looking good for the dog. It’s a little nicer. More finished look, I think, than the Orvis. As much as that is a great seat cover, this is a lot more user friendly for us to be able to go back and forth between bringing crew members and camera guys and, um, taking the dog.

Better Seat Covers

So we’ve got that done. And up front we’ve got the same seats. Now we gotta wait till all of these crazy batteries get charged in the eTorque Jeep. And once they’re charged up, we’ll take it for a road test. It’s a nice warm day here at the beach. So look for that, hopefully, uh, soon. Anyway, that’s it from down here in the shop.

We’re all done. New blue Jeep seat covers. We’ve had ’em on now a few days. They’re pretty good. A couple of the hooks have come undone. We have to rehook ’em the back, especially when people slide in and out, they tend to pop off. There’s not really good places to hook it.

I don’t know if it’s the length or what we picked, but overall they look a lot better if they keep the Jeep cleaner. Dog gets in and out just fine, and when people get in and out, the seat belts are all there, easy to go. The Orvis had these nice little flaps, but it just made it difficult. If you needed to take somebody in the back seat, the.

Like you will see that we had to do with the next episode with Dominique. So, um, you know, because Craig and, and, uh, the crew rode with me in the Jeep to get out to the location where we’re gonna compare the two Jeeps and, uh, very excited about it. So, you know, the jail you looks a little better with the seat covers, but you’ll see you gotta come back next time to check that out.

Big RC Airplanes

But let’s check out these crazy airplanes and let me give you a little video from Mel’s.

Aren’t those absolutely bonkers? I mean that, that is cool toys. Extraordinary jet engine, real jets, Jet fuel. Jet engines this big that go 200 miles an hour. Absolutely astonishing. He’s got an F-14 that has sweeping wings. He’s got a Boeing 737. He is a pilot for American Airlines and has a RC model of the Max.

So I kind of joke with him, you know, you fly for work and you come home and you go play with toy airplanes all day. What’s wrong with you? And he just laughs at me and he says, You don’t have kids cuz he’s got kids. So maybe that’s it. He needs his escape anyway. Cool airplanes, CoolToys ®. Stamp of approval for all you guys out there flying those big things, man. They’re just awesome.

If you like the show again, subscribe. Get some swag at or and most importantly, come back next time. I’d like to see you then. So we’re gonna have a lot of fun with Dominique and we’re gonna look at the Jeep, the Rubicon, and the Sahara, so I think you’ll enjoy it.

Come back. We’ll see you then. Thanks for watching.

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