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Welcome to COOLTOYS!  Home of the Coolest Toy show on the web or TV. All of the cool toys that you would need to hide in a warehouse so your wife doesn’t kick you out.   We find em, buy em, test em and then hide them in the studio so our wives don’t know we kept them.

The show started out with one simple video.  From that video’s popularity, we knew we were on to something.  Companies can’t buy a review here, we call it like we see it.  To make things easy we came up with a rating system of one to five.  If we don’t rate something, then we would toss it in the trash like one of the failed cellular watches, or worse. We might re-gift it.

This is the show where men are men and paintballs fly. Host Scott Bourquin is a retired Air Force Reserve Instructor Pilot, Actor and entrepreneur. Scott has been a speaker at major events for business and success while creating multiple businesses.

After four years, Scott was only able to finish two lousy seasons of videos. One day Josh Snodgrass stopped by and waived the B.S. flag saying “Who the F died and made you the king of CoolToys?”. So we added Josh as the Co-host for a second opinion.

If you are wondering why the CoolToys Vehicle says CruToys on the hood, well you should check out the CruToys section.  

Season one and two were focused on one or two quick reviews per episode. For season three, there is a whole new plan. Full Television episodes ready to stream or binge watch if you want.

If you watch on YouTube you may notice a big difference in the episodes. For YouTube any sponsored or product placement is removed and the episode is much shorter. You are missing a lot if you don’t keep up here at CoolToysTV.Com or CoolToys.TV

Thank you for watching and remember if you think you have a Cool Toy, send it to us!

The CoolToys Team – 

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