Amazon Echo Dot Clipping Solved? – CoolToys ® EP 1_11

CoolToys Echo Dot and A-bus – CoolToys ® EP 1_09

Does combining the Amazon Echo Dot with an A-Bus system equal a whole new Cool Toy? We’ve seen the Amazon Echo, aka Alexa here on COOLTOYS, and now we decided to test the little cousin the dot. The Echo dot doesn’t have a speaker in the first model so you...
CoolToys Studio Gear Tour – CoolToys ® EP 1_08

CoolToys Studio Gear Tour – CoolToys ® EP 1_08

The studio gear to start a web show can be intimidating. At least that is what most people think. COOLTOYS host Scott Bourquin gives you a quick look behind the scenes at COOLTOYS. See how we started and what our studios look like now. For Season one we had a...

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