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Welcome to COOLTOYS.tv!  Home of the Coolest Toy show on the web.  All of the toys that you would need to hide in a warehouse so your wife doesn’t kick you out.   We find em, test em, buy em if we have too.

If you think you have a CoolToy, let us know about it so we can check it out and put it on the show.

We have had to make a major change to the show so many videos are currently unavailable while we re-edit and make the changes we need to make.  Thank you for your patience and support.  New videos are coming soon, so keep checking back.

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In 1998, Scott switched gears and entered the home technology business. He was all about the “Cool Toys” for the house. He also ski’s, races cars, flies jets and surfs.  His friends always called him to find out more about the next “cool toy”.

In 2008 Scott wanted to start a website about Cool Toys.  The blog wasn’t much of a start but a start it was.

CoolToys Host Scott and his Mercedes SL
1966 Mercedes 230SL

Our Host, Scott Bourquin, has a problem with toys, apparently he just won’t grow up.

As the blog grew in scope Scott tried the idea of a video addition to the blog. The name he tried for the first video series was Tech-Tach-Dough.  A show about technology, fast toys (tach as in tachometer), and money.  The first episode was about adding LED Halo Headlights to a Jeep JK.

Here is a slightly updated version of that first video.

The first demo video hit 50,000 views the first week without any advertising or marketing work.  By the end of the month it broke 100,000 views and the company that made the headlights sent us better headlights.

After making two more videos, it was quickly determined that no one was ready to hear Scott pontificate about money and the “dough” was dropped.  Those episodes were shelved quickly.  The new series would only be about Tech and Tach, basically big boys toys. The name was changed to CoolToys and CoolToys.TV was launched.

Thank you for watching our show and your support!

The CoolToys team.


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Submitting Your Product or Service For Review

Cool Toys. (“The Show”) is a hosted review and entertainment show. Each week for 26 weeks a season, products and people fitting these areas are reviewed or interviewed as the producers of the show see fit. 

While many items are selected by the producers, submissions are accepted as either “Approved” or “Unsolicited”.

Here are some basic rules.

Unsolicited Submissions:

No unsolicited products will be accepted if shipping container is larger than UPS or USPS standards.
Special freight is not accepted for Unsolicited submissions
Unsolicited products are reviewed at the discretion of the producers and have no guarantee of being reviewed on the show, podcast or website.
Unsolicited products will not be returned and become property of the show upon receipt.
Shipment tracking is suggested.

Shipping address for standard sized items:

Paradise Landing Productions
Attn: Kelly Bourquin – Submissions
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Vehicles will be delivered to either the studio, track or shop as pre-arranged.

Getting a Product or Service Approved:

To get an item approved for submission, please submit your proposal via email to CoolToys@ParadiseLandingProductions.com. You will be contacted by a member of the production team if we are interested in reviewing the product. If you would like to provide a spokesperson to be interviewed, please note that as well.

Approved Submissions:
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  • Any vehicles sent for test will require a waiver of liability for the vehicle. The Show, it’s producers, directors and cast are not responsible for the vehicle or any damage that may occur.
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