Affiliate and Influencer Policy

Our Social Media Affiliate and Influencer Policy is pretty easy. We comply with the FTC guidelines by not taking money from any product we review.

When we imbed links in the text on our website they are courtesy links to make it easier for you to explore the products. We do not accept paid imbedded links.

Any links that go to another website where you can buy a product is because we liked the product, and felt it could enough to share. They do not pay us for the link, and we do not receive a commission.

We do not use any affiliate linking, only advertising and sponsored products.

influencer policy - Buy a CoolToys Swag - and influence your friends to get one too
Yes we make money selling Swag.

CoolToys.TV does have sponsored ads and products featured on the show. Featureing a product at CoolToys.TV simply means it was sent to us or it is a paid product placement (we have bills to). Our policy is not to review sponsored products to insure there is no confusion.

At the end of each episode we will list Paid product placements as “sponsored by” or “provided by” depending on the situation.

Amazon ads on CoolToys.TV are part of how we pay the bills. You can choose to purchase the products elsewhere if you so choose. CoolToys does receive a commission for anything you purchase by clicking or selecting the ad. It is part of how we pay for the show.

The FTC influencer policy requires that anyone receiving money or other compensation for reviewing or including products in a show are required to disclose those financial relationships.

CoolToys TV clearly lists all sponsored or paid products in the closing credits of each episode.

For more information about the FTC regulation for social media influencers please visit the FTC website.