The CoolToys™ History

In 1998, CoolToys Host Scott Bourquin switched gears and entered the home technology business. He was all about the “Cool Toys” for the house. He also ski’s, races cars, flies jets and surfs. His friends always called him to find out more about the next “cool toy”.

CoolToys Started With A Blog

In 2008 Scott started a free website about Cool Toys. The blog wasn’t much of a start but a start it was. Each time Scott found new toys that anyone could buy and add to their house like Insteon Home Control he wrote about it. In 2005 he started racing a LeMons car that you can see in some of the videos.

CoolToys Host Scott and his former 1966 Mercedes SL
1966 Mercedes 230SL in Nantes France

CoolToys Host, Scott Bourquin, clearly has a problem with toys, apparently he just won’t grow up. The 1966 Mercedes SL pictured here is one of his toys that didn’t make the show because it was “Wife Approved”.  The 1966 SL was sacrificed to help CoolToys grow. This photo is from it’s new home in Nantes France.

As the blog about Cool Toys grew in scope Scott tried the idea of a video addition to the blog. The name he tried for the first video series was Tech-Tach-Dough. A show about technology, fast toys (tach as in tachometer), and money. The first episode was about adding LED Halo Headlights to a Jeep JK.

The First Video Attempt

The first video hit 50,000 views the first week without any advertising or marketing work.  By the end of the month it broke 100,000 views and the company that made the headlights sent us even better headlights. Scott knew he were on to something, but he wasn’t yet sure what.

After making two more videos that got almost zero views, it was quickly determined that no one was ready to hear Scott pontificate about money and the “dough” was dropped even though he has an online course about money and success. People will pay for business advice but no one watches it for free. Who knew.

The Failed Videos

The second two episodes were shelved quickly. The decision was made that the new series would only be about Tech and Tach, basically big boys toys. The name was changed to CoolToys and CoolToys.TV was launched.

Due to a potential conflict and the award of the trademark for CoolToys, many of the videos have been taken down for re-edit to insure that it is only our content that we have in the show. We accidentally let a couple of the original domain names go and we needed to remove them from the show as well.

CoolToys Trademark

CoolToys became a trademark of our parent company in 2019, and we are getting everything corrected here on as fast as we can.

Our Sponsors

Special thanks to our sponsors, Acoustiblok, The Mastrangelo Law Offices, and FireRockSEO.

More importantly, Thank you for watching our show, being patient as we get caught back up and of course your support!

If you think you have a CoolToy, send it to us and lets see if it gets CoolToys Approved!

Scott and The CoolToys team.