Show the world that you like COOLTOYS with T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Mugs and more. There are Three Versions, with and without the .TV stamp and coming soon the CoolToys Approved Stamp!

Now you can support our show and show your friends, that you are part of the CoolToys Club too!

CoolToys Swag - Hoodie Sweatshirt
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CoolToys Approved Camp Mug
Not Currently Available

This is the same swag we give away when you send us CoolToys to test out and play with. Well almost. The “CoolToys” approved stuff is only for the people that send us stuff we really really like or if you buy something we approve. Have a Jeep? Buy a Camp Mug and show it off!

Ladies Show Us Your CoolToys
Womens Shirts Too!