CoolToys Sponsors


Sponsors pay us to create the show. We tell our friends and fans about our sponsors. It is a pretty standard arrangement for sponsors and products placed on the show.

Product Placement

If you look around the CoolToys® set, there are products we use, and yes they can pay us to be there.

There is a catch though.

We only allow sponsors that fit the CoolToys theme and lifestyle. Since Josh is an MD, and not a fan of chemical sweeteners, Aspertame is banned from our sets. Oddly there are several other energy drinks we do like (anyone reading this want to send us some?).

If you would like to sponsor CoolToys or have your product used on the set, please drop us a line at or send us a sample to the office.

If you would like to submit your product please see the product submission page.


TruSpeed AutoSport - The Trackside home of CoolToys TV
World Championship Racing Program

At TruSpeed®, Racing is our passion. If racing is your passion, how about joining our team.  TruSpeed has programs from Club Sport to Pro.  If you are ready to stand at the podium, TruSpeed is your home.

Mastrangelo Law Offices CoolToys Sponsors
Mastrangelo Law Offices – Injured? Call Today 925-258-0500

The Earl Banes Company provides wardrobe for the Hosts of CoolToys and use of their designs to support the ArtSurf Projects and Warriors on Track.

Hard Yoga Huntington Beach
Hard Yoga – The Biggest and Best Yoga Studio in Huntington Beach

Want to Sponsor CoolToys TV? Drop us a line at

If you want to see a little about what we are planning on, here is the Pitch Deck.


c/o Paradise Landing Productions
16835 Algonquin St STE 427
Huntington Beach, Ca 92649