Scott gets the new ERS surfboard, tops it with Waxmat, steals some fins and goes surfing while the Jeep is in the shop with a dead battery.

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Hey guys. Welcome to Cool Toys. Glad you’re here. A lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed the last episode of Jeep versus Jeep, the Rubicon and the Sahara, and we have some bad news. After we finished the episode The Sahara decided to go crazy. It did something very similar to our 2016 JKU did.  It just gave us a throttle body error and shut down and went into to low power mode.

The dealers had it for a little over 20 days now, so we’re hopeful it’s gonna come back soon, but right now we don’t have any Jeep stuff to play with, which makes it really tough because we got a special delivery and couldn’t even go shoot a pickup. We had to have it delivered. And that is the Erspamer surfboard that we talked about getting made.

So we’re gonna talk about that today. I’m gonna throw some waxmat, on here and I’m gonna stick to the hexagon pattern. I really like it. It’s the honeycomb as surfco calls it, and I just like the pattern. It’s an easy way to do it. It keeps the stuff off. But I do have a long board kit and what I will probably do with some parts out of this is throw it on the rails so that we’ve got a little rail grip, because that’s one of the things that is lacking on a couple of my other boards.

And in fact, when I sold my old rocking Fig fish, the next owner put wax all down the rails when I bought it back. All that wax. So I’ve had to scrape that off and put on some more wax men, and that’s why I have so many kits is because I like the versatility. I don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money to not have to wax boards and have the grip where I want.

So let’s get started with that. We’ll get the wax met going and take a look at this first Palmer. So you can see it’s kind of a military gray, very cool color and already has rice paper right in. Cool toys approved. So kind of betting on this thing passing once we get it going. So the top. Cool toys approved.

Also look at the coloring. Really cool. Kind of gives a little offset just like the Jeep Gray with some blue accents and again, hoping the Jeep comes back. Um, we’ll see what happens. But we’re gonna go ahead and lay out a pattern on here and, um, see how it goes. I will speed through some of this so you don’t have to watch me putting every sticker on, but, uh, very simple with the wax mat.

You know, start down the center line, figure out how far up you want to. There’s a little triangle that comes with it and then you just start laying it out. And again, I’ve got two different, uh, patterns and in fact, what I’m probably gonna do is this, I’m gonna put one right on the cool to make that the starting point, just to make the pattern really cool.

And, uh, we’ll go from there. So other stuff going on in the world of cool toys. We got some great stuff for some upcoming episodes. It’s a lot of fun. So there are a ton of cool toys out there. Being here in Huntington Beach, California, we have a lot of opportunity to get cool toys going and find good stuff and play with it, which is just fantastic.

So I’m glad you’re here. Now remember, to make sure everyone knows you’re part of the Cool Toys team and subscribe on YouTube, um, Vimeo, lots of places, so. You can go to, check that out, get some swag and, and uh, go from there. So, um, we get everything going, so I’m gonna speed this up. But, uh, remember wax mat, we’ve tested verse attraction.

We’ve tested, uh, hex-A-ttraction, another brand that looks very similar to this pattern and I like it, but it’s a little rough. So by far Wax mat has been the winner.  most approved in the surf club and, used by a bunch of guys. I’m not the only one that has become very fond of this stuff. So big shout out to, SurfCo Hawaii and waxmat.

So we’re putting it on there and we’ll get going. We’ll speed this.

So we might have to use a combination of kits because this is a longboard kit and you can see out of two packs of hex kit we ran out. And I like the design to be a little tight. Let’s see what we got in here and we’ll kind of go with that as a backup. Um, this is for a six, six board. And uh, there you go.

Wax mat. I don’t think we’ll put that on there though, but these are the pieces that I really like. This is, uh, gonna go up here for hand grip and the hardest part at this point with this board because it’s brand new as we don’t know where that point needs to be. So that will be an interesting thing to find.

Um, and the longer ones don’t really work for that. So we’re gonna do a little experimenting here, looking at where these things might go and, uh, keep working on this.

So I think this is how we’re gonna lay out the pattern, but I’m gonna grab some scissor. To sort of trim this out so I can make a nice clean line going down the board and then, uh, figure out where these are gonna go here, like this. So let’s grab some scissors, come right back. So we’re gonna start by putting one from the Cool Toys logo and go from there.

Now I leave this gap right here so water can channel out. That’s kind of why there’s gaps in all of this, and that’s what makes this work better than some of the other brands where you try to cover the whole. Two things happen. One, the board curves and the plastic doesn’t quite mold because you need it to be a little thicker and a little stronger, or the, uh, adhesive doesn’t let it stretch so it peels off.

Wax mat does a good job making smaller parts, and by using the hex, I think we get the best and the smallest. And this is sort of an eyeball thing down the side of the board and we try to get it right because, you know, if you don’t, it looks kind of. But the coolest part of this is because this really is clear and when you get it in the water, it’s clear.

You can see everything underneath it. It is a great look and it doesn’t detract from the board.

Very cool thing,

And the other part is if you don’t get it perfect, meh, who cares? It’s still surf, right? Just like wax. Wax never looks like a perfect job. We all like it. Well, I don’t, but, and there are people that’ll do some really cool designs in wax.

So once you’ve got the pattern started, you just keep going until you run.

Now one tool that might come in handy is a little roller to really get this to stick down. You can see where it’s sticking or it’s not quite. So I’m gonna come back and roll this in a. And, uh, get it finished up.

So now the big question is looking at how white this is, what this is gonna look like. There are two different batches, so I’m very curious to see if one is clear and one is translucent weight.

Yeah, close enough.

All right. You can see right away that this is clear and that’s translucent white. Very different thing, and I don’t know if the materials are different or older. This is the newest wax mat, so we’ll see in the water if there’s a difference in. Um, I’ll admit openly, I like the clear better and I wish that we had the clear on all of this, but we’ll see how it goes.

So I looked in the kitchen for a. Little teeny baking roller. We don’t have one. We only have a big one. So what I’m gonna use is a, uh, Teflon. Ooh, that works good. This is a Teflon covered lug bolt or lug wrench, whatever you want to call it. And uh, we use that obviously for the higher end wheels and the Jeeps and the other cars that we play with here at Cool Toys.

Um, but I’ll just roll. Let’s hi.

All right. So that’s our layout. I do like the clear a little better. Um, the white transmission’s cool. You can still see through it, but in the water it should clear up as it has on our other boards. Now, all that in mind, the very smart of you and surfers will have noticed I’m missing fins. So you might also wonder where Dr.

Josh went for season four. He’s playing with his kids. So I don’t think he’ll be surfing. I think I know exactly the set I’m gonna steal from his house and then run out and test the board. Next thing you’ll see is let’s go get in the water after I go steal some.

Well, guys, there you have it. The Earth primer surfboard did not let us down. It’s a lot of fun. That little channel he put in the bottom, gave it a lot of speed. Made it just that little bit of an edge that I. It surfs like an eight. Eight. It’s an eight foot. Uh, might even look at getting a seven foot version of the same board.

We’ll see how it goes right now. It’s a lot of fun and we’ve had several days out in the water. We’ve let some other people surf it and they all agree it’s a great board. Does exactly what Mike said it would do, and, uh, gave me everything I wanted out of a twin fin fish. But with that quad setup, a lot easier to cut at the bottom turn, and a lot easier to slide at the top of the wave when we get the waves big enough.

The video you just saw, we obviously didn’t have the big waves. That was a little two three foot day. Still a lot of fun on that board. Now the Jeep, while we’re in the water, apple watch, it worked. Um, except it still BS continuously on the charger. I just can’t figure this out since the update. Um, couple weird things on Apple updates, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Got a call in the water, the Jeep, well, they thought they had a solution, it didn’t really work. A different dealer has agreed to take a look at it. But in the meantime, I’ve done a lot of forum trolling and found out that I’m not the only one. In fact, the other two Jeeps in the tribe have the exact same issue.

The owners just carry a small jumper, battery, in the back, and that way if they get stuck way out in the middle of nowhere, they can jump the thing, start it up and get going. Now, what they didn’t realize is exactly what I had the problem already. The biggest one is when that Aux battery goes completely dead.

The intelligent battery system, which is clearly not intelligent, does not disconnect like other cars. So, an example, my wife’s Jaguar. The F-Pace diesel, it has the same ess electronic start stop system to save fuel and they want to get every penny out. But when that aux battery died, it just disconnected and said automatic start, stop, not available.

So it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Stellantis with all their European companies didn’t figure this out and hasn’t figured it out. So, What we did learn is if you can keep the ox battery charged, it does not die as often. So we put a new aux battery in, thanks to Cerritos Dodge Jeep for taking care of that for us.

And, um, unfortunately they weren’t able to, uh, Figure out exactly the problem. And I do believe that they couldn’t. It is something from what I’ve read in the forums, uh, shout out to Jeff in Iowa. If you, if you drop me a line, I will, uh, send you a cool toys sticker brother for hooking that up. So we got a solar charger, so I got a little solar battery charger that’s gonna go there.

And,  we’ll keep it in the Jeep. If we go way out in the Outback, we’ll just keep it on a solar charger, see how it goes. We’ve got a trickle charger at the studio, and it has been on that trickle charger for the last three years , we’ve had this battery drain issue from the day we got it and we’re told that just because we didn’t lock it in the studio or because we left it sitting out too long, the battery was dying and the deep cycling on that  aux battery probably killed it completely.

It had no ability to hold a charge when we got it over to the dealer. Um, so all that said, great time on CoolToys®. Remember, subscribe to the channel, get your swag. Help us out. Keep us going!,

Here it is, great surfboard, the earth Palmer. Next time we’re gonna talk a little bit about some really nerdy home toys and a little bit about the Jeep.

We’ll see if the solar charger, in fact, we’ll open it for the next episode. We’ll see how it works out and see how we have to hook it up if there’s a charging port or how it works. I don’t know. We’ll figure that out. It just arrived today. So we’ll do solar charging and, and some home nerdy stuff. If you guys wanna automate your house and make it do all kinds of cool lights, uh, it might be a little late for this holiday season to get that started, but for the next one, there are some great tools out there, some really cool little black boxes you can hook up in your house.

My house is done, studios done. It’s a lot of fun with, uh, universal devices, making one of those boxes. And uh, we’ve also got another way, a CoolToys way to watch television. Different than anything you’re probably doing and we want to introduce that. So come back next time. We look forward to seeing you.

Thanks again for watching and remember, subscribe. Until then, take care.

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