Starting with a 2016 Jeep JKU Wrangler Sahara and a box of Sui-Tech Halo Headlights, CoolToys was born. The episode that started it all was named Tec-Tac-Dough. There was a plan to create a show about tech (technology) Tach (as in tachometer in cars) and Dough (Money). That idea didn’t pan out but after seeing how popular this episode was without any marketing efforts, we decided something was there.

After a little more testing we created CoolToys. Eventually we decided to move this vide to our CoolToys category and the show how CoolToys got its start. We left the video as originally created with a simple video camera and microphone plugged into an iPhone. Humble beginnings and fun.

The Jeep Wrangler JK line gets a COOLTOYS star just because it comes with a toolkit to take off the doors and lower the windshield. It gets another star because our wives laughed with the director, producer and host all brought them home. They get a third star for making it so easy to modify as you will see in this video where we add Sui-Tech Halo Headlights. The fourth CoolToys star gets slapped on because the off road ability straight from the dealer is legendary and finally the fifth star and CruToys approval because it is just plain fun to drive.

If you have a stock Jeep JK, or any vehicle that can use C-7 standard headlights, the Halo Headlights are a great option.

Editors Note: The lights featured in the video failed and we installed the newer projector version in a later episode which worked much better. Also they are upside down in the photos so our night driving tests were a little wonky. Oops

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