This is a replay of the earlier recorded episode of COOLTOYS Live on New Years Eve 2020

Scott goes back to the roots of COOLTOYS and talks about a little tech, the Apple launch of Big Sur and the M1 chip at the same time. Then a little tach, a new Honda and a new Land Rover Defender. Finally a little about the small business owners flipping the bird to our disconnected governor and keeping open, speakeasy style.

Of course the show was shot with Fan2Stage. Get yours today.

The one car that Scott wanted to compare to the Honda E and forgot to show in the New Years Eve 2020 episode was the Dodge Challenger. It looks like someone chopped and channeled it to make a Honda E.

Dodge Challenger on the New Years Eve 2020 episode of COOLTOYS TV
Honda E All Electric makes the show on New Years Eve 2020

What do you think? Was the Honda E designer really a frustrated Hemi Head?

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