With just three more episodes we have had to shuffle the season due to a battery issue with the Jeep Sahara.  It looks like it will be out for the rest of the season, and the great debate is to find another great all around CoolToy to be the show’s vehicle or to suck up the battery issue and go with something like the Gemini or Never Dead systems.  Until then, we have three episodes coming up.

Season 4 Episode 9
Erspalmer Surf Rocket
Wax Mat
Jeep Wrangler
   – Dead Battery
   -ESS/IBS Problems
Live-Nov 30 5pm  PST

Season 4 Episode 10
COOLTOYS® for the house
Universal Devices
Live-Dec 15@5 PM PST


Season 4 Episode 11
Beach Toys
Road Trips
& More!
Live-Jan 31@ 5 PM PST


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