CoolToys TV Goes for a Run, gets a new Jeep, rides a skateboard and then Hits NAMM! Don’t miss this season four finale loaded with CoolToys and a couple of epic fails. We hit a holiday 5K run, went boujee with a new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE Overland that can’t tell time and then checked out some new electric skateboards. Finally we went to NAMM, the greatest show in the music industry. NAMM is only for insiders and we got inside. Don’t miss this one and make sure to download the Live Fan™ APP from and be a part of the show no matter where you are! #nammshow #meepo #cooltoys #guitars #guitarstands #electricbike #electricskateboard #fret37 #jeep4xe



So, good morning. Welcome to Cool Toys. Um, little bit late start. What do we got? Uh, seven minutes, unfortunately, for a few of you. A little bit later. And we’re trying to figure out how we can, uh, get this live on Fandastage. Because that is not working. So, we are editing at the same time. So, this is a little bit of an interesting thing.

Some of this might be YouTube. Some of this might be us. But, um, right now it says That, uh, if I copy that, paste that here, why YouTube is not letting us connect, I don’t know. But, there it is, okay, I think, let’s see what happens here, yep, alright. And, uh, okay. Now we got YouTube Live. We are on Fan2Stage. We are going to refresh.

We’re playing with our new toy here. Um, going live, for those of you listening. And, um, refresh the screen. Join now and join the event. Here we go.

Excellent. Okay, so, that’s a little funny. Um, the guys thought that would be a funny thing to put, uh, air getting let out of a balloon instead of booing because we didn’t have quite enough boo files. But, um, anyway, lots of stuff to talk about today. Big show. Um, man, we’ve had a lot of fun. We went to NAMM.

So, uh, And unfortunately, I wanted to do this showing you exactly how we can do a show completely live with, um, the equipment that we have here. I was hoping to use this little toy here called a Stream Deck. Very cool toy. Uh, works great with, uh, All the stuff we have except my little MacBook Air. It only has two USB C ports.

And if I program that really cool, Abzot Pan Tilt Zoom Auto Camera, and this in the same ports, it doesn’t have enough horsepower, and I also need some external ports in order to stream it live, uh, to YouTube Live and that kind of thing. So, unfortunately I didn’t get to play with the cool thing where I can just push transitions.

So you’re going to see me clicking the mouse and bouncing around here just a little bit. As we join the event on a couple of different devices so we can see how Fan2Stage is reacting today. Now what’s happening is that I’m hearing sounds that I shouldn’t be. So hopefully the team is going to watch this and check it out.

Um, so big, big news though. We went to NAMM. And, uh, the NAMM show was outstanding. Before we get into it though, I’m going to give you a little hint about NAMM. It’s, uh, all the world of music in one spot. It’s probably the biggest music show in the world. A lot of fun, a lot of great people there. Um, so, you go there looking at all this great equipment, but every once in a while you need a little life hack, right?

And, so, right after that was Super Bowl. So we tried to get some TVs going and a lot of things in different places. We tried those TV antennas from the mall, and none of them worked. So, we got a little life hack for you. This little piece of coaxial cable,

cut like this, just stripped, so we essentially end up like that. Um, that gave us 164 digital channels to include a fully digital, beautiful Super Bowl. So if you need a rough antenna, find an old piece of cable like this, cut one end of it off, strip it about two thirds of the way down. You need about a foot.

It’s about the perfect length if you’re somewhere near a city, in order to get just enough antenna out of it. Perfect little life hack. Now, next toys. Man, cool toys again, right? Lots of good stuff. I gotta move something to get to something. So, one of And I’m going to give you the spoiler alert now. One of the coolest things for the year, our Meepo skateboard.

Now, for those of you who have, are thinking about an electric skateboard or not, I will tell you, I went in as a skeptic. The guy said, Hey, you got to get this. And I said, Oh, come on. It’s just a toy. It’s, and it’s not even that cool until I got it. It is so much fun. It is unbelievable. Um, I can’t even tell you where to start with it.

But, let me show you a little ride that we took, and go from there. Yeah, my knees don’t like that move either. Well, that didn’t quite give you the video that I wanted, but

One of the cool things with that skateboard, and I don’t see my Rado Rack, so I’m going to build it here really quick. Um, and this is one of the cool things with the OBS Studio, which is what we’re using to control the show today. And how it integrates with Fandestage, so you can be here live, you can be here laughing at me.

Um, although I kept hearing some boob sounds when nothing was happening. So let’s see what happens there if we do that. And, there we go, a little applause, nice. Let’s see what happens when we plot on two phones. Hopefully you guys can join me using Phantostage. Anybody out there? There we go, nice applause.

So, Yeah, really cool features, but the, uh, if you get an electric saper like that, one of the things you got to have is a nice rack to put it on, and I’m building a photo of the rack right now.

Take out a picture. Yes. Plus Image so this is pretty straightforward. This is how you would build a show you’d go find the images and Go from there. I’ve already got the image Radar rack perfect and I’ve got to resize it to fit the screen though real quick But again radar racks did a great job for us.

I’m gonna give them a little plug here for our Skateboard, and, uh, So, you can see, nice little, uh, Nice little rack, skateboard hangs on, Perfect place for it, got a little plug up here in the top for the, uh, I gotta put my hand up, up there in the top, for the, uh, charger. So really cool rack, so thanks Rado for getting that done, And I’ll tell ya, when you’re looking at electric skateboards and electric bikes, You get a flat tire and electric bike three miles from home, It’s heavy and hard to carry, and you gotta find a buddy with a pickup truck.

You get a skateboard that runs out of battery? Find a friend with a car, get a ride, jump on a bus. No big deal. So, skateboard wins that fight. Big time. According to everybody in the group. So, now. Jeeps. We got a new Jeep. We got a Grand Cherokee 4XE. Which, the new Wrangler 4XE X Rubicon just came out. It’s 80 grand.

It’s basically a super luxury Wrangler, but I don’t understand it because you can get a Grand Cherokee 4XE like we got. However, one of the problems that Jeep has right now is charging. They go crazy. You plug them in, tell them what time to charge to save energy. For instance, my house, we’re solar. 9pm to mid, er, 4pm rather, to midnight is crazy expensive electric prices.

Four to six times higher. equivalent of paying 8 a gallon for gas. So I plug in when I get home at five o’clock and the Jeep should not charge till midnight, but okay, here we are Friday at seven o’clock. The Jeep is not supposed to charge between four and midnight, Monday through Friday. You can see from the dash, it’s charging.

You can see from the Bosch, it’s charging. We get inside the Jeep and it says it is plugged in and charging. So I’m going to start the igniter and I’m going to go to Vehicle, E Hybrid,

Charging Schedule, 12. so there should not be anything from 4pm to 9pm except Saturday, and this is Saturday, Sunday. We’ll double check. Make sure that I don’t have charge until full. It is not set. It is not 12 m. And it is after 4 p. m. So yes, we will double check save that. We’ll go look at the other schedule to make sure.

9 p. m. to 11 55. Current time 7:27 and it is still charging. This is not correct. Jeep, please fix.

And yet the goofy ass thing still charges. So I’m taking it to the dealer. They spent three days with it. They thought they had it fixed. And we found one of the flaws. If you shut it down and wait at least a half hour before you plug it in, then the charge schedule works. So all we can figure is one of the computers takes a half hour to tell the other computer, don’t charge.

Don’t understand it? Something for Jeep to work on. I hope they fix it. Because overall, just like our Wranglers, the 4XE Grand Cherokee Overland is an outstanding, fun, comfortable, everything car. And I will tell you, the HUD, kind of a cool feature. So. That’s the Jeep world for right now. Now, other things we’ve done since we last got together was We did a little 5k.

Run for a clause. So we got together with, I don’t know, three, four, five thousand of our closest friends who ran around UC Irvine. So next year, if you want to help raise a little money and have some fun, you too can dress up like Santa. Boop! Santa. Me and my wife there. So, a lot of fun stuff, a lot of good things.

Now, If you’re watching this and you saw the original frame on Cool Toys TV, you notice that we saw Jimmy Jams in a podcast and it was absolutely outstanding. I saw him in 1984 at Lackland Air Force Base and he was still part of the time before he was, uh, freed, as he says, um, from the time. So, a lot of fun to see that interview and all the cool stuff that goes on at NAMM.

So I want to show you some of the things. One of the coolest things at NAMM was this. Nailed guitar. This thing was just wild looking and there’s a ton of art guitars. There was a whole section just on art guitars. So if you get a chance, check out NAMM plus app. You can see all the stuff that went on at NAMM.

There’s all kinds of videos for the show. So check those out. Um, one of our favorites though, of course, Tiki world, cool toys, right? This is from Lace Guitars. Uh, not too far from here and outstanding. I ended up buying a Don the Beachcomber guitar and then, uh, One of the other cool guitar toys that we saw was this thing so I can reach over pick up and Right here at the bottom.

This thing is called a fret 37. It’s a stand I can just set the guitar down and I’m done don’t have to hang it on the wall Don’t need a separate stand nothing take it anywhere You want to go play it put it in and off you go now There’s a little bit of a flaw It’s not too easy to put in the case But two quick screws loosen it up take it with you on the road very quick cool toy for guitars fret 37 out of Temecula California did a great job with that little toy Uh, we’re hoping to get a Cool Toys logo to plant on there for the studio soon.

So we’ll see what they, if they can make one for us. Um, just so much, so much cool stuff at, um, NAMM that I just don’t even know where to start with it. We did have a Yes, that was Stevie Wonder getting pushed out of the way by his security team to let him out. That was kind of fun. We didn’t expect it. Um Didn’t have any idea what’s going on, but then As we grounded the corner, we got to see this cool little jam band.

And just when you think that was cool, we turn a corner and again, I don’t get star struck. I don’t really know a lot of stars. If I haven’t worked with them on a movie set or something like that, I probably don’t know who they are. Um, I’ve had the privilege of hanging out with Mike Millsy in Nashville once and, and uh, some other folks.

Jim Dunlop was a great friend for many years while he was still with us. And, um, you know, but I don’t know who these guys are. I, I hate to admit it. I don’t know if anybody was in that jam band. That could be all the bands from Bob Marley or who knows what. It wasn’t people that I recognized or knew. I didn’t know who Jimmy Jams was.

But if I had seen him walking down the street, I wouldn’t have known him from me. But, then I found this guy. And, you’re right, I don’t know who he is either. But he was just shredding, and it was looking Cool.

And then. Finally, one other cool toy that showed up, sort of AM related, sort of not, because there was a lot of wine and beer flowing there, but Square Keg One, this beauty, holds five bottles of wine, put some argon on it, and you’ve got a party. Now, we’ve got two of them. We were going to use them both, but we’re thinking of opening it up to a competition for season five.

So you send us the cool toy, the coolest toy, and we’ll give you a free square one that has the Cool Toys approved logo on it, just like this. Custom made for us. And, uh, we’re gonna give it away. So, I’ve got it brand new, right there in a box, ready for you. Whoever wins. So, lots and lots and lots of stuff.

But, we talked about podcast tools. If you want to do live streaming with Band of Stage, Stream Deck, you need to get a better Port replicator than we did. Sorry. Ours did not work today. It was an epic fail. But, FantaStage working right now. Playing with it. It is, you can hear it in the background. I can clap.

I can whistle. And I’m hearing it through the speakers and I get to hear it as the performer. So, if you’re a live stream performer, check it out. Grab FantaStage. Get on the platform. And, uh, see where it can take your show to the next level. For now That’s a lot of stuff for one day, really quick. We’ve got FRET.

We’ve got an electric skateboard. We’ve got a square keg. We’ve got a life hack of a quick antenna. We talked about NAMM. I wanted to talk a little bit about smart homes, but we had an epic UPS failure. So, this is an interesting one. And this was going to be the end of the show, but then I couldn’t really talk about stuff.

CyberPower, UPSes, don’t. Come back on when the power fails. So, power fails, battery dies, whatever you have plugged in is dead. And if you have a smart home, like I do, when you come home, the lights don’t know what to do because the computer that runs the house has no power. Even when the house has power. So, we’re switching up to APC right now.

That’s going to happen this week, and then hopefully we can take another look at some of the new smart home toys that we’ve got in the house. For now, that’s it. I appreciate you watching. Check it out any time at CoolToys. tv or on our YouTube channel and have a great week.

See ya!

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