Soundproofing is a myth, and Acoustiblok VP Sean Saathoff tells us why. If there is no such thing as soundproofing, why bother you ask?

At COOLTOYS we are always looking for great ways to be better neighbors and still have COOLTOYS. Yup we’ll admit a few of our toys are a little loud. Motorcycles and power tools can be an annoyance to the neighbors, and since we like sleep too, we wanted to be reasonable for once. Yeah who knew?

Acoustiblok Caulk - Don't Miss any leaks
Every little thing matters with sound

If you have a musician in the family and they are making the neighbors nuts, don’t miss this episode. Acoustiblok is the king of quiet. In fact we liked the Acoustiblok sound proofing so much we went ahead and insulated the entire garage below the recording studio in the episode with Acoustiblok Quiet Fiber® insulation.

Our first studio that you see being built in this episode is directly under the flight path of a commercial airport. Occasionally the microphones will pick up an F/A-18 or other military jet. The rest fly right over and we don’t hear a sound. That is Acoustiblok.

Editors Note: Acoustiblok was also featured in Beach Street News and other publications for making an autistic childs room quiet enough for them to have normal activities. We gave it four stars when we reviewed it, but this adds the fifth star we took away because our wives approved it.

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