Does combining the Amazon Echo Dot with an A-Bus system equal a whole new Cool Toy? We’ve seen the Amazon Echo, aka Alexa here on COOLTOYS, and now we decided to test the little cousin the dot. The Echo dot doesn’t have a speaker in the first model so you can’t use it to play music directly, but it does have an output jack. Does this mean you can run it into your stereo for great sound?

CoolToys host Scott takes a look at adding the Echo Dot to the a-bus audio system. This gives you multi room streaming of high quality music if you subscribe to amazon prime or another source that the echo’s play nice with.

At less than $40 the echo dot is a smart addition to your audio system. Just say something like “Alexa, play classic rock everywhere” and most of the time you have music every where. Some receivers can even be turned on by Alexa so you just talk and it works.

The big question for this episode is whether the Echo Dot and A-bus work to create a whole new Cool Toy.

Editors note: Amazon 3rd generation and newer Echo’s have better output amplifiers so we saw reduced clipping at higher outputs and multi room music syncing when the wifi signal was very strong. We have had one unit that needs a reset every time we power it down or the network resets.

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