A-Bus is an industry standard (sort of) for whole home audio solutions. As our world gets more and more wireless, the range and dependability of the wireless systems becomes an issue. At COOLTOYS we have found that wired is always the best but the cost can be prohibitive. CoolToys host Scott has written in Electronic House Magazine about the perils of depending on wireless systems.

To try and find a budget minded whole house audio system that was wired we turned to A-Bus systems. There are several companies out there but since Channel Vision is local to us here in Huntington Beach, we decided to give them a try.

A-Bus uses only Cat5 or better wire from the central location or “hub”. Each Cat5 wire runs to a keypad that has a built in amplifier. There are four speaker wire connectors so each keypad can power one dual tweeter speaker or two standard speakers depending on your needs. This is the A-Bus system we used in the Amazon Echo Dot Test.

If you want an easy to install and grow whole house audio system, or maybe even a small office system, see how ABUS does in the COOLTOYS test.

Feb 2024 Update – Channelvision closed its doors and the A-Bus technology is still available at Russsound. Maybe we will upgrade someday and test the Russound Version.

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