La Vacharie – Nantes France. That Grill is a CruToy! The V-9 stove at the front door is a CoolToy!

CruToys – Just the Good Stuff, because some things are pretty cool, but our wives like them too. Cru is the French word for “Raw” or “Growth” depending on how you use it. Many people refer to Cru Wines as “Vintage” or “higher quality”.

CruToys are all of that. If it has the raw essence of cool without being trendy, it is on the path to being a CruToy. Yes of course we like wine so you will see a lot of things related to wine and cooking. Some will look great and be epic fails like the Cork Pops wine cork remover. It looked simple but the cheap Chinese plastic eventually. Having your hands covered in black plastic goo when you are serving wine is the fast path to an embarrassing moment. We know because it happened to us.

Classic cars like Scott’s old 1966 Mercedes SL would count as a CruToy. Let’s face it, no one NEEDs a classic sports car, but they are fun and wife approved. Even cheap sports cars like early Porsche Boxters that can be had for half the price of a new Kia, count as CruToys. Yes, many say the Boxter is the “Girls Porsche”, but We’d rather drive a Boxter than a Kia.

Living the CruToys Lifestyle means being engaged with the world, letting go of the trends and finding your own raw essence. There are dozens of self help books that talk about building a brand. Inside all of us we have a raw personality, which when unfiltered by political correctness, is our true self. For CoolToys host Scott, his brand is CoolToys with a little Cru on the side.

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