Yes there can be some super fun toys for kids. We don’t mean the every day stuff, in fact we modified a lot of this stuff so be warned, warranty does not apply and do not do this at home without adult supervision!

Kids need Cool Toys to play with too. Just because dad got a Jeep doesn’t mean that Junior can’t have one too. And just like dad, the little Jeep might have been modified for the show. How else could a 3 year old drift his little electric version down the street? The answer is simple but you’ll have to watch the series to find out how we did it.

CoolToys Kids is all of the stuff that your wife raises an eyebrow too as you pass it on the store shelf. Then if it doesn’t make our standards, we bump it up a notch. Ok maybe two. The kids have fun, just make sure your kids are ready, we don’t want anyone hurt, this is all about having fun and letting kids challenge themselves to be better in every way.

There are no CoolToys Kids trophys for showing up here. You gotta earn it!

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