A Jeep Headliner kit is installed in the 2016 JKU and a Pelican Case is built for the camera.

If you own a Jeep, you know that having the aerodynamics of a brick make hands free calling useless. Our 2015 JKU had the dealer added bluetooth cell phone kit and the 2016 JKU had the factory Alpine kit. In the 2015, 40 MPH was the limit and the phone was useless. In the 2016, 60 MPH.

Hardtop Jeeps were supposed to solve some of the problems of noisy Jeeps. Ironically the soft top is a little quieter, especially the new three layer soft tops. For hardtop Jeep owners that have trouble talking on the cell phone the Jeep Headliner kit or one of the third party (thicker) headliner kits might be the answer.

Another interesting find, if your head is hot on long trips, or cold in the winter, maybe a headliner kit can help. If you have a hardtop Jeep JK or JKU that is. The Jeep JK has been the workhorse of the show and a very cool toy. We still think it is great that Jeep included a tool kit to take the doors off.

Jeep purists will scoff at the idea of a hard top and a slush box to begin with. We know it, but after years of driving the backroads of Yosemite and the Tahoe Basin, Scott has pulled a lot of humbled Jeep owners out of the rocks. For crawling rocks and volcano’s there are really only two or three choices. Jeep, Land Rover and maybe Toyota. The rest require major mods to go anywhere with a pit deeper than a pie pan pot hole. Sorry Subaru.

In this episode Scott spends 5 hours in 103+ heat driving up to the old garage studio and then does it again coming back to the beach. On the way up, no headliner and the main camera is in a duffle bag.

On the way back, new headliner and the Canon XF 100 is in a nice Pelican case for the ride home.

If you want your interior to be even a little quieter, a headliner kit will do the trick.

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