Amazon Echo Dot Clipping Solved?

In the home audio ABUS and Amazon Echo Dot review and test we discovered that the first generation Echo Dot would “clip”. It initially sounded like digital skipping, a result of low bandwidth or bad wifi, but it was something else. The fix is easy.


Easy To Install Whole House Audio? Look At ABus

ABUS is an industry standard (sort of) whole home audio solution. As our world gets more and more wireless, the range and dependability of the wireless systems becomes an issue. At COOLTOYS we have found that wired is always the best but the cost can be prohibitive.

If you want an easy to install and grow whole house audio system, or maybe even a small office system, see how ABUS does in the COOLTOYS test.

Surf Wax Replacements Tested

Scott goes out and tests three surfboard wax replacements. First there was Versasurf’s #versatraction, followed by Hexatraction, and finally the knockoff from Israel that looked like it belonged in a bathtub.

CoolToysTV Waxless Surfboard Replacement Test with Scott Bourquin

The Jeep Wrangler JK or JL

The New JL is here and we hit the road.

With Epic Snow in the Tahoe Basin, we took the new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Unlimited on a snow run. We wanted to see if it was really “Unlimited”.

Cooltoys Jeep JL out for a snow test

We are working on the next video right now and you guessed it. Scott will talk about the new JL vs the older JK and go over all the big differences. Check back next week.

Some quick things right up front. We added LED headlights and tail lights to the JK. The JL came with them. The JK had the V-6. We opted to test the new 2.0 I-4 Turbo with the 2019 JL. Sting-Grey was selected as the color instead of Granite Crystal to sort of tone down how civilized the JL has become.

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