CoolToys 2.0 was recorded live on April 9th 2020

After 24 episodes covering a just one CoolToys® find each episode, it was decided it was time to go big or go home. CoolToys was rebooted and upgraded to Version 2.0. Due to Corona Virus Quarantines, the show moved to a livestream format temporarily. In this first live-streamed episode, Scott introduced Co-Host Josh, talks about the old CoolToys and where the new show is going.

More LiveStreams

Until at least the end of the “shelter in place” order CoolToys will LiveStream. If you can hang out with us during the livestream, it’s a bit more fun. During the live chat you get to ask questions and put in your vote. There are a lot of great CoolToys from the past, and a new Co-Host introduced on this episode.

For now the show will be a lot more talk show formatted just because there really isn’t that much we can do outside without a crew. Quality shows take people. About the only guy we can still use is our editor Rob Dias thanks to high speed internet.

CoolToys 2.0 New Hot Rod.

There is a lot to look forward to in the new season. In this CoolToys 2.0 kick off episode Josh and Scott each introduce their new toys for the garage and Scott tosses in a couple other options that might need your vote.

Scott found a real popcorn machine on sale at Sur La Table and got a great deal on it. He might have mentioned another company, but Kelly checked the receipt and that is were he got it. Also the short stubby antennae for the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JLU came from Antennae Source, and it gets the CoolToys® Approved award.

If you need some great ideas for home made masks while we continue the Covid-19 fight, There are a couple of good ones in this episode of CoolToys 2.0. If you can’t make fun of it, at least you should have fun with it!

Thank you for watching CoolToys TV.

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