Stream COOLTOYS® to your big screen at home with the COOLTOYS TV Roku channel. The live show isn’t yet streaming anywhere but here at COOLTOYS.TV All past episodes including the QuarantStream specials are on the new Roku Channel.

The COOLTOYS.TV Roku Channel is free on Roku devices. No paid subscription. Yes there are limited commercials, but they boys gotta pay for all that stuff somehow. You can get the channel by searching for COOLTOYS.TV on your roku device or clicking here, and logging in to your Roku account.

RC Cars and more
Real Hot Rods and RC Cars are all a part of COOLTOYS.TV on Roku.

“The Roku platform fits our show perfectly. We are very happy that people are no longer limited to their computer or smart phone screen when they want to watch the show” said host Scott. He also told me that they are looking forward to the first episode using F2S.Live since it doesn’t look like they can have a live audience any time soon.

F2S.Live is an app that allows fans to cheer, laugh, whistle and even boo the show while watching live, even if they aren’t in the studio.

COOLTOYS.TV is recorded with HDTV grade equipment and the crew felt that the limitation of the small screen wasn’t doing the show justice. The addition of streaming services like the COOLTOYS.TV Roku channel bring the show one step closer to the mainstream viewer. With streaming growing as fast as it is, maybe streaming will be the new mainstream and cable will be the new rabbit ears.

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