CoolToys LiveStream June 4th 7PM Pacific – Bikes and Saved By The Beer.

The Next COOLTOYS® TV Live is June 4th at 7pm Pacific only here on CoolToys.TV

The next episode is all about bikes, motorcycles, brewing beer and whatever else we find. As California slowly opens up we are looking at finishing out Season 3 Live and going to a Live Audience for Season 4. Watch Season 3 at 7 pm Pacific Live and past episodes here and now on the COOLTOYS® ROKU Channel.

We are calling season 3 “The Upgrade to Version 2.0 of CoolToys®”. Season 3 is an upgrade because it is now a full length show. Two hosts, more toys and more fun because life needs Cool Toys. The LiveStream of CoolToys is the unexpected part.

Since there is a shelter in place order and we can’t get a crew, CoolToys is being live-streamed right here. The LiveStream of CoolToys TV was never in the plans so it won’t be perfect. Right now the live show is scheduled for 7 pm Thursdays until the shelter in place order is lifted. Old episodes are available on YouTube as short segments only.

With any luck we will be in the larger studio with a live audience for Season Four this fall. Until then please join us for the LiveStream of CoolToys TV. The Live show also includes live chat so you can ask questions, laugh with us (or at us) and we will get through the #quarantinelife together.


At this point the boys are flying by the seat of their pants, so who knows what will happen. Maybe Gavin Nuisance will re-appear? Probably not, though. We do know that Doctor Josh’s Covid Slobber© beer is supposed to be ready. We’ll see.

The world of news and entertainment and CoolToys® is changing by the minute and we are right here with you. At CoolToys we are doing everything we can because as they say The Show Must Go On.

Season 3 Schedule Remaining

June 4th – Bikes and Saved By The Beer
June 11th – Season Finale Special.

If you think you have a COOL TOY, send it to us and we’ll test it or try and break it. If we like it, you get the official COOLTOYS© Approval, a mug, T-shirt and gift pack and we keep it for future episodes. If your stuff doesn’t make the grade, we sell your Sh*t and give the money to Warriors on Track and Veterans in Media and Entertainment.

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Scott Bourquin is a Best Selling Author©, retired Air Force Reserve Instructor Pilot, and tech geek. When he isn't surfing, skiing or flying jets, he is looking for the next Cool Toy. HIs whole life he has been the guy with the Cool Toys and that's why he started this show.


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