What do Crabs, Cars, Beach Checks and Bugs have to do with CoolToys TV?

This week on CoolToys®, Scott and Josh get challenged. We are pretty sure Scott pressed the wrong buttons so nothing worked on the CoolToys TV live show. If you watched it and stuck with them, THANK YOU!.

If you didn’t watch live, you are in luck because unlike the last two live shows, we edited this one. Otherwise it just didn’t make sense. Even to us. The audience took the show in a whole new direction. Maybe someday we can have the chat in a side window. More toys!

The beach video is also on BeachStreetNews.com but you can only see the RC Car and Bug-a-Salt videos here. Sadly live viewers missed it due to our technical challenges.

Please join CoolToys Live at 7 Pm on Thursdays, and if you missed the April 23rd episode, here it is. The best part of this one is that you get to see the films that live viewers missed. Next week we’ll be back on track.

If you are stuck at home Social Distancing, watch CoolToys and find out ways to beat the boredom. If you are in California, ironically Amazon won’t ship you the bug-a-salt and you’ll have to buy it directly from them.

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