CoolToys Live talked Hot Rods, Honey Do’s and Home Brews this week.

Scott and Josh try to come up with Something Every Man Oughta Know (SEMOK) that they can do during Social Distancing. When the beaches are closed and your buddies can’t surf, finding things to do isn’t as easy as you think. One fan thinks that Scott got Seagull droppings on his pants, another convinced Josh to make his feet sweat.

Hot Rods and Brews
Hot Rods and Brews Truck Club?

We found this group meeting in front of the Harbour Rackhouse, once known as the House of Brews. All spaced 6 feet apart and the men across in the shade. Should more of this be happening or should there be less?

Scott found that the state beaches liked this system and as they come up with a plan to re-open parking lots, this is what it will look like. While doing the beach check for the Bolsa Chica 16.5 boys that can’t reach the beach change was in the works. The concrete barricades were coming down and the parking lots were getting a spotty upgrade.

With just one week left in the DIY social distancing COOLTOYS® challenge, the winner so far is really sad. The boys plea for your help.

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