Here is the COOLTOYS® TV Box Opening Growler Works uKeg 128.

If you watched the last season, you know we like making beer. Putting it in all the different bottles isn’t an easy or fun thing to do. It does make a smell and a mess our wives don’t like, but there might just be a better way.

The Transcript:

Hey guys, here we are in studio one for COOLTOYS®. And today we got a new toy. So it’s, uh, a box and, um, inside of it is a growler.

So, we are going to open this up and see what it is. So for those of you guys that like beer and that liked to make your own beer, you know, if you get a growler and you don’t drink it quick enough, it goes flat. And I really hate wasting beer. That’s just the worst kind of alcohol abuse, because you really can’t even drink it when it goes bad.

So we found a couple of toys and this is one of them. I hope we’ll see if I got it right.

We’ll, open it up here. Try not to kill myself with my fancy knife. Oh yeah, that’s right. This is the lock one. I have too many knives that are different, but lift this up. So here we go. We are going to pop this thing open and see what is in here. Oh, look at that. A box in a box. Growler works. Okay. So turn that around.

Growler works. Now let’s get this thing open and out. Well, that’s different. They just put, Oh, look at that. So we got some. A little growler works, you know, kind of a pad, but the, the, uh, little thing in front of it kind of make it look like a little mini kegerator, I guess. And then also what fell out is… there’s a good shot of it.

But the other thing that fell out was this important piece. This is the carbon dioxide container. So when you pop this on there. It keeps your beer pressurized. So let’s see what else we’ve got the box. I actually heard it quite a bit, apparently. So here’s some, uh, OK cleansing tablets. Very important. Um, and what do we got here?

Oh, this is a cool little tap. You put it on there and you write the kind of beer you got. So you remember what you bought. And there’s also a little plug to keep things from going bad. And finally, ah, that’s what happened. So my 10 pack of CO2 cartridges, opened up. Now these are beverage grade CO2 cartridges.

So it’s safe to use with food. It’s not, these are not for shooting BB guns. It’d be a little expensive, but let’s open this up the rest of the way. See what we got.

Do we need the knife? Nope. Just pops right open. Now there’s more stuff. And look to more of the CO2 chargers. uKeg pressurized growler instruction manual. Well, it’s actually an owner’s manual. I don’t know that we really need instructions to learn how to use a pressurized keg. But that is possible to get that done.

So let me see, I’m going to sit down here and try to get this thing out. Wow. It’s boxed in here. Isn’t it. There we go. Okay.

Nope. And the tool so you can take it apart, put it together, clean it. That makes sense, cardboard recycle. And that’s the other cool thing. When you get a growler like this, you can go buy beer in bulk. You don’t have to keep recycling all those bottles and plastic and cans and throwing stuff away and worry about litter and use the same stuff over and over.

And look at this. There it is. The growler works, so it fits right in here. We get our little, uh, mat, open this up real quick. And uh, so pop open a mat, throw that out. We don’t need it now.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t mind having my own name on there. I wonder if I can get a custom sized one because this looks like it’s its own unique size that just fits. Right here on the growler works little thing. Now, check this out. You got a pressure gauge. You’ve got glass coming all the way up to show you how much beer you’ve got left in there.

You’ve got your little tap just to, uh, Nope. Oh, and look at that. It’s even got a safety. So you can’t, uh, you can’t pour beer accidentally. That’s kinda cool.

And here’s the simple part. All you gotta do. Is put your CO2 cartridge in here. When you go pick up your beer, that’s it. And you can dial it in and up. And then when you take it out, you can turn it back off. So you don’t waste CO2. So a cartridge can last more than one beer, I would guess we’ll find out, but there it is.

This is something we’re going to check out on COOLTOYS®. The new Growler Works. This is a uKeg 128 copper finish. So it will hold 128 ounces of beer. For those of you trying to do the math in your head, it’s 10 and three quarters or two thirds, rather 10 and two thirds bottles of beer. So not quite you know, 12 pack, but.

It’s still a pretty good day with some friends. So get maybe to get two of these, but one of each flavor, but for now, this is it. The new growler works. uKeg 128 out of the box and, uh, we’ll check it out. The funny part is, wait a minute. I think I got ripped off. It says uKeg 128, but the gauge only goes to 96?

And here’s something let’s see if I can get this up close on camera before I cut this off. So, if you look right here, it’s showing you how many cups are left. And on this side, it’s how many ounces. This is supposed to hold 128 ounces. Why does it only hold 96. So that’s a very interesting thing. So it’s a six pack of beer, boy.

I’m glad I didn’t get the smaller one 64. It would be a three-pack. That’s ridiculous. Something’s funny about that. I think there’s, there’s gotta be a different answer, but we’ll check that out on COOLTOYS®. We’ll find out if it’s a cool toy on COOLTOYS® TV. So stay tuned. Look for season four and we’ll be on our way.

Thanks for watching. Have a great day. And that’s it.

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