2016 Jeep JK Final Upgrade – Headliner Kit

The CoolToys Jeep JK Gets a Headliner Kit

If you have trouble talking on the cell phone, if your head is hot on long trips, or cold in the winter, maybe a headliner kit can help. If you have a Jeep JK that is.

In this episode Scott spends 5 hours in 103+ heat driving up to the old garage studio and then does it again coming back to the beach. On the way up, no headliner and the main camera is in a duffle bag.

On the way back, new headliner and the Canon XF 100 is in a nice Pelican case for the ride home.

******The Video Was Taken Down Due To An Error and Will be Back Soon*****

If you want your interior to be even a little quieter, a headliner kit will do the trick.

Jeep Halo Headlights

The episode that started it all as Tec-Tac-Dough. After seeing how popular this episode was without any marketing efforts, we decided to move it to our KuhlToys category and the show KühlToys was created. We left the video as originally created so you can see how COOLTOYS TV was started.

The Jeep Wrangler JK line gets a COOLTOYS star just because it comes with a toolkit to take off the doors and lower the windshield. It gets another star because our wives laughed with the director, producer and host all brought them home. They get a third star for making it so easy to modify as you will see in this video.

Surf Wax Replacements Tested

Scott goes out and tests three surfboard wax replacements. First there was Versasurf’s #versatraction, followed by Hexatraction, and finally the knockoff from Israel that looked like it belonged in a bathtub.

CoolToysTV Waxless Surfboard Replacement Test with Scott Bourquin