This episode is all about SUV’s, Lemons and Slobber Beer.

Gladiator, ugly butt or lemons and slobber beer hauler?
Hauling Lemons and slobber beer in a Gladiator?

If you lived through this week of rioting, looting and overall stupidity take a minute to relax and have some fun in the world of cars and COOLTOYS®.

The boys talk about the icons of the SUV world and what is happening with them along with the return of Lemons racing and home brewing beer. What harm can come from any of that?


Lets face it, we all need a break and the return of LEMONS racing couldn’t come too soon. Even if you don’t want to build a crap can car and race it, it is a ton of fun to watch and see what people come up with. Scott admits his team is not the most creative when it comes to the cars and themes, but they have a lot of fun and he is looking forward to racing again.

In the GP/SUV world, the Jeep Gladiator has launched some new models that the boys finally agree on. The initial sport Gladiator wasn’t much to look at but a couple of new variants are really worth the COOLTOYS look. Scott thinks Josh needs to replace the Taco as his LEMONS and slobber beer hauler. We all know the JLU can’t pull a race car on a trailer, so someone needs a bigger truck.

Gladiators and Defenders

Finally Josh’s home brew beer isn’t quite ready. The doctor has an issue with biology and wants the beer to sit another week. Thankfully there were some toys in the “Submissions Bucket” they were going to ignore, even though Scott was using one the entire episode. Scott used one of the toys to save the day.

The Legendary Land Rover Defender also returns to the US. CoolToys has some video thanks to SASSY FILMS to see what the Defender looks like and a preview shot from the Defenders next movie appearance.

The final live show is scheduled for June 11th at 7 PM Pacific.

Special thanks to Sassy Films for the Land Rover Footage.

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