At COOLTOYS TV we are always outside. Surfing, skiing, biking, hiking and crawling offload in the Jeeps. We wanted to know if there was a fitness band that told us something we wanted to know.

Knowing how far you walked or ran or how many steps you took can be done with a $5 pedometer. The point of a fitness band has got to be something more right? We looked for things like the ability to connect to a phone or computer so that you can easily read and understand the data. More importantly it had to track more than just your steps and the time.

Hard Yoga Huntington Beach
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Of course we started with the big brands, Nike Fuel, Fit Bit and Jawbones Up. We also looked at a couple of cellular based smart watches that we already received for an upcoming episode to see if they could be smarter than a fitness band. At this date, the answer is clearly no to that.

After our test of these big name fitness bands, there was a standout though. Not for the information it gave us but for how it helped our testers and our host sleep better. A fitness band for better sleep? Yup! Sleep is after all a big part of staying fit and healthy.

Editors note: Since this video was published, Jawbone went out of business and the product is no longer available. The sleep technology they used was patented and as of now (Feb 2019) we don’t know of anyone using it.

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