At CoolToys we like to do a lot of our own work and that means Power Tools. For this episode Scott takes out a wood floor that has been glued to concrete for over twenty years. As Tim Taylor used to say on Tool Time, “more power is good”. As our host tackles the removal of a wood floor, he finds that the Tool Man’s advice couldn’t be more right.

Just like an electric car, electric power tools have a lot of torque that you can’t match with bare hands. Never mind how much damage swinging a hammer does to you over time. When wood is properly glued to concrete it creates a very strong bond. The problem is that wood doesn’t last as long as concrete, especially when it is protecting it.

Scott’s notes – At the end of the day I would not do that again. I have seen huge power scrapers that pro flooring guys have. I have tried to rent them and can’t find them anywhere. So the bottom line on this one is save your back, hire a pro!

The glue that the original installer used was very good and had the wood been properly cared for or if we were not re-arranging the room, it could have easily lasted another decade or two.

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