The Chevy Volt Modes are a great secret to extending the range of the Volt when taking long road trips. As CoolToys host Scott gets ready to head out for Spring Break, he gives us a quick introduction to the different modes of operating the Chevy Volt.

Most Volt drivers probably have never once looked at the “mode” button or every figured out what to do with it. If you had original Volt training from the dealer you may know what it does, but have never used it. The mode button in the Volt is a great tool that is easy to use.

The second generation Chevy Volt has proven to be a huge improvement over the first generation Volt. It is too bad they cancelled the car. It looked way nicer than the Bolt which appears to be the replacement. As the lease on the second generation expires we do not have a plan at CoolToys for another electric car.

We do like the Jaguar iPace as a contender, but one of the great attractors to the Volt was the simple economics. With a $199 lease, and solar power, the use of the Volt was less than the maintenance on the Jeeps for scouting locations and meeting with potential guests for the show.

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