SuperCars by The Sea theme for February 2020 – Porsche.

Just because you have a car gathering and give it a theme, that doesn’t mean other people will not show up. This weekend at Huntington State Beach did not disappoint either. One crazy Jeep with a Corvette LS3 motor in it might have been called the Porsche Crusher.

If you are a car fan SuperCars by the Sea is held on the third Thursday of the month, and each event is a different theme. One recent event was “Gas Guzzlers vs Gas Savers” with AMG Mercedes and Tesla’s on display.

Each event boasts close to one hundred cars along with the prerequisite coffee and energy drink booths to get you going that early. Yes it starts at 7 am and is long gone by 10:30 am.

One of the funniest cars to show up was a little tiny Subaru of some sort. The only connection we could see to it being a “supercar” was that it was “super rare” and looked “super out of place”.

There was more than just a small car outside of the Porsche Scene. A couple of resto-mod Camaro’s strutted in with some big motors to join the crowd along with a host of other Italian and European crafted machines.

78 Trans Am at SuperCars by The Sea
Supercar or just Super Cool?

The roided up Muscle Beach CoolToy’s winner was a Corvette with a supercharger so big the hood looked like it belonged to John Force.

The modified electric Porsche was another big surprise we didn’t expect. Ever since seeing the Zombie 222 make a run, we at CoolToys are fans of going gasless from time to time. Seeing a couple of rare new GT’s and a 918 was a nice treat as well.

If you want hang out with the CoolToys hots, Supercars by the Sea is a good starting point the 3rd Thursday of each month.

SuperCars by the Sea supports Warriors on Track.

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