Need To Borrow a Truck? Rent a Ram Hemi Instead!

I sold my truck so you’ll have to do something else like Rent a Hemi.

My Jeep won’t haul your, ah.. stuff either. If you have a pickup, you know the drill. Your friends are moving and have light beer if you and your truck are available. After owning three Ford Rangers and two F-150’s I was quite popular among my more nomadic friends.

When I moved to the beach, I sold my last F-150. Eventually it was replaced with a Jeep Wrangler as the surf and ski vehicle. It could do everything and a little more than the F-150 with one exception. It wouldn’t haul my friends stuff. Nor mine for that matter. Today I needed a pickup.

Ram Hemi 5.7 4×4 Rented from Alamo

I needed to move a queen bedframe and mattress across town. None of my friends had a “real” pickup available so I hit the internet and found a deal at Alamo car rental. For about $60 my problem was solved and I was sitting in a new Dodge Ram 4×4 with a 5.7 liter Hemi.

Being a Ford guy for my entire life it felt like cheating a little. I got over it pretty quickly though. The cab was set up almost identical to my Jeep so I had no problems using any of the technology. What really got me though was how quiet it was. It started with a deep growl, but at highway speeds it was as quiet as my wife’s Jaguar.

The ride was so quiet and comfortable that I almost didn’t notice how quiet it was. When a cell call came in, and the caller remarked at how clear the call was. It was then that I realized at that speed in the Jag calls were a little rough. In the Jeep, nearly impossible. This was a huge difference. I know know why FCA has been the JD Powers Quality leader.

As a pilot I understand how noise creates fatigue. I ended up making the trip much quicker than normal because I didn’t need to make a stop. The Dodge was almost relaxing. Something I can’t say for any 4×4 truck I have ever driven before. It has been years since I owned an F-150 so I am sure the new Fords are better.

Heading to Alamo to Rent a Hemi beats begging and borrowing a buddies truck. I got to keep all the beer and have a nice drive.