Are you looking for cool Jeep Shades? Have you always wanted a Pizza oven?

This episode of COOLTOYS TV, Scott shows you some great upgrades for any SUV or Urban Escape Vehicle as he calls them and pizza ovens anyone can afford.

The Transcript from the show

Hey guys, welcome to cool toys. Uh, Friday again, we’re going to try to do this on Fridays now, make it simpler for everybody. And those of you that are taking the three-day weekend every weekend. Hopefully you can join us a lot more often. Now, remember if you want to know what’s going on, subscribe on the YouTube channel.

You can subscribe and on our cool toys channels on Vimeo. We also have the Roku channel, so you can see us in three places besides. or Both of those take you to the same place. Um, this is on Fan2Stage live today. This is Friday. We’re getting ready for pizza day, a lot of fun, and, um, just having a great time being back and hoping that we get back to a truly live audience soon.

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Like a lot of Hollywood I bet would like to see. Because there is no, uh, better feedback than the live audience, but awfully don’t close fan to stage. We’re using it today. If you don’t have the app, get it. Fan2stage. The name of the app, there’s also onstage, uh, two versions of it. One is onstage and one is the fan app.

So if you’re the. Like me, the host, you get the artist app, because that way I can hear your feedback. And if you send something through the, uh, Vimeo screen, then we could see that too on the live stream. So very cool thing. Um, last time we talked about cruddy pizza scissors, uh, some, any beers, which honestly I’ve been drinking them.

They’re not bad. That Beck’s is really growing on me. It’s a nice light beer. It’s very refreshing. It’s like same calories, but light with. You know, one 10th, the alcohol, if that at all, uh, 0.05%. So you can have one of those after work sitting here in the studio. Great way to go. Uh, in fact, I was just thinking I should have brought one in today, but, uh, can I get somebody to get me one I’m probably not.

We’ll see. Please anyway. Um, and we talked about non-alcoholic drinks. That’s the other thing. So we’re going to come back to that though, because we’ve been testing these escape. Uh, this is the Cadillac margarita I’ve already finished the bottle. It’s, uh, Not bad. It’s a little different than a margarita, but again, it’s just like the old fashioned.

It’s something to sip on when you’re sitting at home late. If you’re trying to, uh, do intermittent fasting or restricted calorie diet, probably not going to help that much. It stops the alcohol. So you sleep a little better, but it doesn’t, uh, necessarily eliminate those calories. If you’re trying to do that, the.

Eating a restricted time eating or whatever you want to call it, intermittent fasting, but they’re pretty good because the alcohol level down, let you get up in the morning, ready to work. Or in my case go early surfing, which we have headache, great week, the big swell yesterday and today, a fantastic thing.

Live Virtual Audience

The Recap

For those of you that, uh, missed out at the beach has just been great this week. So, uh, anyway, so any beers, all that stuff, a lot of fun. Uh, again, pizza scissors just didn’t work out. If somebody sees something that can fill that bill, we’d love to hear from. Um, and, but today we’re going to talk about Jeep time.

Talk about some new stuff going on with the Jeep, some stuff that we’ve done. I’ve got a question for you guys that are jeepers out there because there’s a little bug that I can’t figure out in this thing. And I’ve been looking through the forums, maybe mine’s the only one doing it, which is possible. Um, There’s a lot of new stuff going on and we’ll talk about that.

But first we’re going to talk about pizza ovens because Umani has a pizza oven for everyone. Do what? Oh, sorry. Um, user 213traficsux says, “Why are you wearing my grandpa’s shirt?” 213 you are obviously from the LA area, this is a Seal Beach car club, or was. So once upon a time there was a hot rod club called the bay city rollers.

I am told that a bunch of those guys have passed away, unfortunately, and the club has gone away. And this was given to me as a gift for cool toys. So I wanted to wear it to pay respects to the club and to its former members. It is kind of a sad thing. You know, the hot rods are, are just disappearing. The younger generation, not only do they not want to drive a 16 year old across the street, didn’t get his license.

So it was almost 19 because he just why he can Uber. And more importantly, he figured out how to get his parents to drive them everywhere. So that’s a problem. Um, anyway, these guys were some pretty cool guys. They gave the last of them, gave me the shirt as a club broke up. So that’s why I’m worried. Uh, anyway, back to pizza ovens.

Pizza Time

You guys know, I love pizza. It is a Friday tradition here and my block, uh, and here at the shop. So. A couple of things, you can build your own pizza, which is what I set out to do. You can buy Firebrick. I’m told they take 30 minutes of brick to cut and to build that big gorgeous dome. Now, my neighbor built one, his house was currently for sale.

It has a very smart option. He took the heat off the side instead of a stove pipe going up like my Il Fornio. So this is the IL four. Now it’s red, simple pizza oven. Wood-fired great. Made in Italy. You can buy them online. They’re fantastic. But. He took that idea made his bigger because the California is sort of limited.

Um, I can cook two pies at a time or one big one, but I can’t really cook much faster than that. And as quick as they cook, if you have a lot of people over, you know, maybe a little bit bigger, so he built bigger, she’s got a bigger family. Um, and then he took the heat off the side and went into another hot box of Firebrick so that it would absorb that heat that was being exhausted off the pizza oven and ended up with a bread of, or a meat of it.

So he can cook, try to. Two days later without adding any meat. And that’s the cool thing of building these big Firebrick ones is how long they hold heat. But most people don’t have the time to build that. My wife wouldn’t let me, she said 30 minutes, a brick, 200 bricks. A, the neighbors will make us move out.

So we did not do that. What we ended up doing was getting that L for an IO, but a neighbor down the street that just moved in has a smaller yard. And he wasn’t quite sure he wanted to make that big investment. So he found that one. Now look at this little thing. This is a cool little pizza oven. I like it because it’s portable.

Pizza At the Beach.

I can throw it in the Jeep and go to the beach and make pizza. Not that I want to eat sand, but it is a cool little pizza oven now. The thing about it is that it’s annuity, right? So they have options, which is the other thing I think that is really cool. You can get one that is wood pellet. So you’re using sawdust leftover from the lumber process that builds houses, builds, doors, builds all kinds of things, or you can use real wood and you got to get little chunks, but those smoking chunks at the big hardware stores do fantastic.

Uh, and so I’ve worked with my neighbor to get all that done and he’s really enjoying it. But he got lazy. So there’s also a propane attachment. That just goes right in the back. So if you look at this, you can see in this picture here, there’s three options. You can do wood pellets wood-fired or propane, and that’s really the way to go because no matter where you are, what you want to do, you can cook.

If you’re at a place where they don’t allow real fire, like let’s say, in a national park during, um, fire season. So you might be restricted to a gas campfire only. You can still fire up. Pretty cool thing. Uh, if I get any kind of travel trailer or RV, I guarantee that one of these is going to be in their debt is just the coolest thing.

Now there’s one other one that I got another guy started on and these things, let me show you this picture, this little fish. This dude is only a couple hundred bucks, actually a hundred bucks. If you find it on sale. A cost plus world market and it cooks a good pizza, but with both the uni and this little fish and even the El for now, you need some patients, it takes an hour to get the heat all the way through that material.

So when you put the pizza in the dough cooks all the way. The biggest mistake I’ve seen with my neighbors and my friends who have bought these fish and the owners is they’re not patient enough. They don’t give it that full hour to really get good and hot and get that tile, that ceramic cause you need that mass to cook the though from the bottom up, when you do that, it really makes that.

Pizza house pie. It really is just fantastic. And that’s my favorite part is that extra woods, the wood smoke taste is kind of in there and that you get that heat. It’s just outstanding. So now you might be thinking, well, making pizza does a painting. No, it’s not pizza doughs. A piece of cake. It’s three ingredients.

It’s water, it’s flour and yeast. That’s it. If you do it right, there are some other things you could add if you want. But if you look on cool toys,, you’ll see that I’ve put up. Uh, the recipe that I use, I’ll make it a little guide. It’s a fold-out PDF printed out two sides folded up and you’ll have everything you need to make pizza dough anytime you want.

I suggest taking a week to do it, let it cold ferment and the refrigerator. I liked the taste better. So I make mine on Mondays to eat it on Friday. But if you do a sourdough version, which you can also do and I’ll put the sourdough bread. Recipe and how to do that. Uh, you need a sour starter. That’s the trick there though, to get it truly sour that you really do need to take a week to make, but regular pizza dough, you can do it in as little as a day.

I can make it Thursday morning and have it good Friday. I can actually kind of get away with Friday morning sometime if I just leave it out all day, I don’t like that. It gets a little too bubbly and fluffy for me. I like a little tighter bubble and a little chewier crust, so that letting it, uh, cold ferment, as they say in the recurrent.

For the five days makes it perfect. And that’s my favorite way to eat the pizza. So subscribe to our channel on YouTube, grab yourself the pizza dough recipes, and then check out one of those pizza ovens because they really are cool and they, you can run them anywhere. If you’ve got an apartment with a balcony, you can have an outdoor pizza and it is just the coolest thing.

You’d be the coolest guy on the block. Cool toys approved. Ready to roll. Right. So, uh, Great stuff. And then toppings are just unlimited. If you go through beach street news, I’ve posted several times there, uh, different topics that I’ve used. One of my favorites is and prosciutto. Uh, there’s another mushroom spinach, one that I like and a lot of stuff, but I, I tend to go more towards the French style where my neighbor goes more towards the traditional Neapolitan Italian style pizza with the little dollops of, uh, goat cheese.

So, and I do like real Buffalo milk mozzarella. American Cal milk mozzarella. So it’s harder to find there are some really creative ways to have fun with this pizza, right. And make it an entertainment thing for your guests. Um, anyway, so great stuff. Check out one of those pizza ovens. If you like them, let us know, tell us what’s going on now.

Jeep time Again

Let’s get back to Jeeps. Big, cool toys stuff you want me to do? What? Okay. Um, let’s see here. Nosurf4u? Well, oh, that reminds me as I look down before I talk about NoSurf4u, if you got a cool Jeep sitting on the side of the road somewhere and you find a cool toys, approved sticker on it because I might’ve put it there.

Jeep Shades and Pizza Ovens are CoolToys Approved
Jeep Shades and Pizza Ovens

So when I see a cool Jeep or a really cool car, especially if my wife says that’s stupid, you’ll probably find that sticker on the windshield wiper or in the driver’s door. So that’s why it’s there anyway. So we have here, no, no surf for you. Okay. That’s a funny handle. No, sir. For you says, why do you wear that silver bracelet?

It looks gay. Um, well, honestly it was a gift from my wife. So gaze little judgy, I think, but you know, whatever you want to think, uh, Also back in the old days, the reason that the truly rich did not eat off of gold flatware is that gold does not kill bacteria like silver. If you even get silver wet, it will kill bacteria and viruses.

So, you know, wash your hands, guess what? It helps kill stuff. Um, there’s a couple of people that say you can get heavy metal poisoning from it. What I’ve heard about that is give blood to the red cross heavy metal poisoning problems tend to get. I don’t know, but that’s my answer. I like it. My wife bought it for me.

It’s a gift. If you don’t like it, man, whatever. No, sir, for you, I’ll go surfing for you, um, back to Jeep. So some cool stuff, Siemens coming up, uh, and maybe that’s what’s happening that we got to catch yesterday. Coming back over the grapevine, uh, doing a photo shoot up in Paso Robles, but check this out.

Jeep Shades and More
Jeep® Wrangler Overlook concept

This is a three row SEMA ready Jeep. It is a foot longer than a standard. Unlimited like the cool toys Jeep, but it’s still shorter than a gladiator. So it’s kind of a hybrid in-between it adds a third row of seats and you see that bump like a disco on the back or a defender rather gives it that really cool sky.

Look, I really dig that thing. And I’ll tell you if it had the towing capability of the gladiator, which is the one thing that I really wouldn’t mind in the JLU is to be able to tow a little bit nicer RV trailer behind it, because I don’t want a full RV. I don’t need it. Um, and. To do that. You need bigger brakes and you need to have a little bit different transmission in order to do it.

And right now the JLU you can’t. But if this thing, I don’t know what they want to call that the . Um, and so the JT for the truck, but, uh, or JL3, that’d be cool. Anyway, if they do that, that might catch my eye. Um, but what we’ve done in the interim for our Jeep, as we did this $99 tent from bass pro shops, that thing is cool.

Road Trip Time with Jeep Shades and Pizza Ovens

Take it to the beach, throw it up. You can move it around. You’ll notice I’ve got it here on the side of the Jeep, but you can put it on the back, decide whatever you want. And then you can set up your barbecue, your pizza oven, or your seats, whatever you like your cooler and sit outside, not get blinded by the sun at the beach and the app.

And enjoy the beach a little bit longer, a little bit better. So for 99 bucks, this thing is cool. I looked at probably a dozen different shades to put on the Jeep. In fact, I ordered a couple at three times the price that we’re nowhere near as cool. One of them that I thought was a shade like this. That was three times the price, but it didn’t even come with the legs or anything.

It was just simply the canvas. You had to buy the whole kit for the legs separate. This is everything you needed, except the. Which if you go to the beach, pretty easy to scoop the sand into the back. Right. So it was pretty simple. Um, and it just sits under the seat of the JLU. You all the time. Now I don’t even take it out.

Fire Time

I just leave it there because if it balls up in nice long tubes fits under the back seat, nobody knows it’s there. It’s great. Um, what a great toy. Uh, the other thing we did, uh, something that’s happened to me a bunch. I have, for whatever reason, been unfortunate enough to witness a bunch of people burn up their cars, including my Corvette.

Um, I wasn’t there when my Corvette burned up, I let somebody else drive it without the air cleaner on it backfired. They did not know the first rule when a car backfires. Keep turning use that engine to suck that fire back into the carburetor and older cars didn’t happen. Cut the hood on fire, burned down the whole gas station.

So it’s sort of a joke in my family. If you go by this gas station, it’s newer than everything else in the area, because some dummy and a Corvette burned it down. It wasn’t me, but it was my vet. Um, so I’ve always kind of kept a fire extinguisher in the car. Finally got a decent Mount for the new JLU because those square tubes they’re different.

Right. They’re kind of. Um, and there’s, the jail has been different than the JK for a few reasons. It’s quieter overall, but I’ll tell you, I could use some help from you guys. If you know what that rattling is at about 70 ish miles an hour, and up in the wind, I can’t figure out where it is. I’ve got roof racks on, but there’s pads on them.

Shake Rattle and Roll

So I don’t think it’s anything. The roof rack it’s feels like it’s either right up here in the freedom top or right here in the dash. And I can’t figure out what it is, but there’s this little rattle in it’s. Back crazy. It’s not any louder than the wind noise, but just because it’s a rattle, it drives me nuts.

Um, and it’s not the fire extinguisher. I did go back and check that and make sure it wasn’t reflecting off the windshield or something crazy with the audio in the car, because that flat windshield will reflect sound in a funny way and do some funny things. Um, but so now I got a fire extinguisher in there.

So if your car burns up, I’ll put it out. And that has happened to me more than once that I have grabbed a fire extinguisher and put somebody in. ’cause, they didn’t know what to do when it caught on fire. Um, and I recommend keep a fire extinguisher Jeep, if you got one, uh, we have another one on its way.

So we’ll take a look at that in a couple of weeks on an episode or two in the future. But, um, anyway, going back to let’s talk back about that three row thing. So right now with a JLU, there are three or four different modes. For, I guess, cause you’ve got the standard, uh, Pentastar V6, right? Normally aspirated.

Then you’ve got the one that we’ve got that mild hybrid turbo, four cylinder with little extra batteries. So it shuts itself off every time you park a little bit of a pain because when that battery goes dead, it takes a long time to top it back off. I’ve left it on a trickle charger for over a week to get it back to working.

Um, but they did a software update recently and that has helped a ton. So maybe that’s helping with the charging. I’m not really sure what that software they did, but it is the start stop is working more correctly. Um, the one thing I’ll say about that motor is I do like the gas mileage and that’s why, uh, the other two choices, the turbo diesel, which I think would have been my favorite if I could have got ahold of it and the four XC, which I really wanted, honestly, I almost was at the dealer ready to eat 10 grand in taxes, licenses, and going up one year to get a 4xe.

Fake Hybrids

Yeah. But then I really looked at the mileage how the range, when you plug it in, it is not a great plug-in hybrid, like the Chevy volt, and the way that I use this thing, other than going to the beach to surf and back all of our work with cool toys in the JLU takes some driving time. So we love the gas mileage and the four cylinder turbo.

And I would love an extra two miles per gallon out of the diesel. And I’d like the diesel even better because we could start burning bio gas like we do in our other. And the camera truck that follows us, but that four XC gas mileage is worse than the mild hybrid. And you only get 10 to 15 miles is what people are saying online, out of the battery only mode.

And you can’t even really get on the freeway with it as soon as you hit the freeway and you’d get up to 70 miles an hour, boom engine kicks on and you’ve just gotten out of battery mode. So the four XC hybrids kind of stupid. And in fact, the Europeans. The start-stop hybrids. Like the Prius are actually way over polluting because if they’re running around electric mode for say three miles, then you get on the highway and they kick in the gas motor that catalytic converters cooled.

So it’s spitting all those pollutants out totally different. So I’m, I’m kind, kinda thinking that, um, Jeep really needs to find a better way to get more batteries in there. So you can go 30, 40, 50 miles on a charge, a little bit more reasonable. Distance, uh, without having to plug in to keep, because you’re not going to run that catalytic converter.

You don’t want to, you know, you’re not going to heat it up. You don’t want to be polluting all that stuff out into the air. You don’t want to put that gasoline, uh, you know, being a right-wing tree hugger, having grown up here in Southern California, you know, I remember most of the summer, you couldn’t see any of the mountains.

And if we got lucky in the rain came through and we got a little snow and melt. You could see it for a couple of days and the smog would come back and that would be it. And, uh, especially in the winter, the smog would just rolling right with a fog and you’d be done. Uh, June gloom had a whole different meaning as a kid.

Clean Air is good

So, you know, I finding out that the hybrids that start stop and run different are just pollution machines. All of a sudden diesel gate, isn’t that bad of a thing. I think Volkswagen should go back to court and slap Toyota around and say, Prius, diesel, get this. You know, who should pay for all this? I think that the system should be a little smarter and long range, electric hybrids, like the Chevy volt.

Well done car, very smart. When the gas engine kicks on, it stays on, you use the catalytic converter. It gets the temperature cuts the pollution, just like it’s supposed to. Um, you know, that’s really the way it ought to go. So a lot of cool things going on. Um, we’re, we’re getting down a little bit on the tire, so I’m kinda looking at lift kits and, and what to do with this Jeep and take it up to 32 or 33 inch tires.

Um, don’t think I’ll go quite to 30 fives just from everything I’ve read guys. Don’t like it, uh, I started getting little wobbled, did the rotation thing to prevent the death wobble. And, um, you know, we do take long treks. We went up to Paso Robles. We did some, uh, wine touring is a couple of pictures here up in, uh, uh, moral bay with the Jeep out there at the rocks, doing some photos of the sea otters.

So. Lot of stuff. We use this thing for, for the work and it needs to make sense and it can’t just make sense for me. It’s gotta make sense for everybody. So kind of a weird, um, kind of a weird connection there, right? So when you look at the four options of the Jeep motors, do they really all make sense? Do you need a turbo diesel when you’ve got a four cylinder turbo?

And then do you need the Pentastar V6 now? This reminds me Jeep forum. I’m in a couple of different forums. There’s Wrangler, forum, and jail forum and all kinds of things. But one of the big topics that continues to go over and over and over is the choice of any. And, you know, we just talked about there’s four engines.

Three’s really enough choices. Two is probably plenty in my book, given that the four XC hybrids, honestly kind of stupid. Um, but let’s talk about the two that are considered the most similar in performance for both horsepower and torque. The diesel’s got more torque, but it doesn’t quite have the horse.

Burn French Fry Grease

So a lot of people are poo-pooing the diesel and I don’t know why being a diesel fan. I like them better. You never need to tune them up. You don’t have to have spark plug pro changes or, you know, you never had problems with points or any of those crazy things or electronic ignitions. They just work when they work.

But when they are in super cold weather, if you don’t plug them in, uh, or you don’t keep the fuel warm, if you use biofuel, cause it will gel, it’ll turn into Cresco and that does not work. Um, there’s a lot of things with that, that come into play with a diesel in super cold weather. And if the glow plugs go bad, it’s hard on the engine.

You do have to change glow plugs, but if you treat it right, and with the new electronic starters and the new electronic ignitions, uh, to start a diesel, probably never going to see that problem. So I put 300,000 miles on a Volkswagen diesel and never had a problem with that thing. And I ran 5% gasoline in the winter in order to keep the diesel.

Climbing Everest

Uh, I’m told it’s a horrible idea, never to do that because you could damage the engine, but 300,000 miles later, that thing was still running. And as far as I know, the guy that bought it is still driving it. So without a new motor, um, great car, but here’s my thing. My spiel, as a pilot, I fly jets. I fly little airplanes at 10,000 feet.

There’s roughly half of the oxygen from sea level, a little less than that. Somewhere around 6,700 feet, half of the. Pressure that we breathe sitting here at the bottom. That’s why, if you go up to, let’s say the top of the world, you do the big hike. You go to Tibet, you put on your oxygen tanks because very few people have ever made it to the top of Everest without oxygen.

And there’s rumor that sir, Edmund Hillary made it to top and died on the way down because of the lack of oxygen, your car, a normally aspirated car is like us breathing. It needs that air and there’s nothing to shove it in there, but a turbocharger is like putting it on a ventilator at 10,000 feet. It doesn’t know the difference between sea-level and 10,000 feet.

And I have said in many forums that this new jail you passing uphill at 7,700 feet on the King’s grade and lake Tahoe, when a motor homes in my way, it doesn’t even downshift. It just goes, the thing is outstanding. The old JKU with the Pentastar V6 would downshift two gears and be lucky to hit 55 or 60 in the passing lane, passing the RV.

I’m not going to publicly incriminate myself and tell you how fast the little turbo goes up hill. And I have to assume because of all the torque and the diesel and because the diesel is also a turbo, it’s going to maintain its horsepower up to 10,000 feet without any differential pressure or difference in actual performance either.

That part, I like a lot, so yeah. That cool three row came into diesel, had the gladiator brake package and the towing capability of a gladiator. I think Jeep’s got a winner and that would be something I’d be all over. Cause I do have to say I am a little jealous when I watch how big of a Airstream RV, cause those are cool that a defender can tow and the Jeep can’t, that’s just me.

Tow an RV?

I would hope that Jeep would want to kick that up a notch. Fortunately, the Bronco’s kind of small. And, I haven’t seen its towing capability, but I have not seen it pulling a big Airstream yet. The new Sasquatch is kind of cool though, it’s getting there and there’s the, there’s a beach runner edition, which a couple of guys left it because the fins are going the wrong way.

And I will tell you I’m a pilot. I do have my fins on the back. When you see me cruising down Pacific coast highway. So if you ever look at a great Jeep that says crew toys on the hood and the fins are on the back, not the front, like the old guys used to do that might be me. The whole thing. Air goes backwards.

Jeep JLU With Surfboard Copyright 2020 Custom Photocraft Photo by Kelly Bourquin
Surfboard Facing the Right Way (unless you are a pilot)

You put a fin in the front. What does it do? It’s fighting you the whole way down the road. And it’s actually going to try to loosen those ropes on you. I don’t use ropes. FCS makes a great strap system. That’s what I use. I trust it. I’ve had two surf boards come off the roof and guess what? Both times I forgot to strap them down.

All me so. Don’t worry about that stuff. Do it right. Do it aerodynamic. Put the fan in the back where it belongs like an airplane. Oh boy. That’s enough said about that. Isn’t it. Um, anyway, a lot of great stuff with the Jeep, we got more coming up. We’ve got some more road trips. We’ll show you and share with you and, and test out some new toys.

The one thing, remember I did not get a tow kit in this one. So we’re looking at tow packages too. As I upgrade this thing to put us. Um, trailer behind it. I just saw he new Winnebago. Maybe we’ll talk about that in an upcoming episode. It looks really cool. Um, I haven’t seen one yet, so I need to take a look at it.

A Mad Stock Market

If not Airstream has got a couple of small ones that are pretty cool and light enough that the jail, the jail, you will, will tow it. Um, anyway, remember again, YouTube TV fans, subscribe, check us out here at cool toys, TV, subscribe there. If you can. And uh, next time I am going to prove to you that the stock market is absolutely bad.

It’s stupid, basically. The new F-150 lightening. What I mean by that you’ll have to find out, but Rivian wants to open at 62 bucks a share when they IPO here shortly. Now that would make them worth more than Honda, a truck and electric truck company that doesn’t quite yet have a real product. And yet Ford who invested 500 million had this F-150 lightning towing up the grapevine today or yesterday, actually, when we were coming back from Pasa Robles.

I’m going to go through that next time. And we’ll talk about the craziness of the electric car market what’s going on in it. I’ll go all the way back to that hybrid four XC stupid plugin that makes no sense. And, we’ll go from there, but anyway, until next time, thanks for watching. We appreciate your coming to cool toys and sharing with us.

If you know how to fix that crazy rattle in the Jeep, let us know if you got a cool toy, let us know in the meantime, subscribe, come back. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching

Scott’s Quick Pizza Dough Guide – Alternate Recipe is 500gr Tipo 00 Flour, 320g Water, 10g Salt, 2 grams Leviato Dry yeast

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