As we get ready for another live episode of CoolToys TV, we are also getting ready for Fan2Stage 2.0.

A Complete Rework

Everything we learned from Fan2Stage 1.0 was fixed, made better and most importantly made faster. Everything down to moving buttons on the mobile screen for more ergonomically friendly fan app. If you want a sneak peek at the new app go to the Fan2Stage News Page to get the latest information.

Just like the original version the mission here is to bring a real audience to a remote studio that is hosting a live stream event. Very quickly the sports version of Fan2Stage Version 2.0 will go live as Fan2Field. Just in time for the spring little league season.

Fans Make The Show

Even the goof balls here at CoolToys TV know that there is no show without the fans. While we like seeing the number of “likes”, “views” and “subscribers, what we really like is hearing from the fans. With Fan2Stage Version 2.0 we can hear from you. All you need to do is download the LiveFan® app or log in to the website as a fan and you can laugh at us, with us or even boo if we are that bad.

The best part of live audience interaction is that we get to know what you like and don’t like faster. Our next episode will cover some pretty CoolToys and one pretty cool little adventure in the ocean with our occasional guest host Doc Josh from and a former UCLA professor.

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