CV – 19 QuarantStream Days 1-9

Scott Will QuarantStream Daily at 12:00 as he is on 14 days of “house arrest” basically to make sure he doesn’t get or give COVID-19 aka Corona Virus.

If you have any questions for Scott, SEO, business, cooltoys, or even medical where he can phone a friend, watch the live streams of the Quarantstream show.

Day 11: March 29th – Still no idea after his babbling yesterday since the Q&A failed. Join in and ask him something!

Day 10: March 28th – NY lockdown, Cuomo Blames The Wrong People and CoolToys V 2.0

Day 9: March 27th – Convert an Old Car to Electric and more CoolToys!

Day 8: March 26th – Covid-19, Cuomo, Stock Rebound, Fracking and more

Day 7: March 25th, 2020 – recorded live – and man was he bored.

Day 6: March 24th, 2020 – About just about nothing! Stopped early due to a computer overheat.

Day 5: March 23, 2020 – Work at Home and the Gig Economy

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Day 4: March 22, 2020 - Social Distancing for Business and the Future

Day 3: March 21, 2020 - The Free Yoast Link - Click Here - If not still free, not our fault, we tried.

Scott takes about how social distancing will change our work and social lives forever. Need a workout, check out coach Kozack at need a great meal to go and live in south OC? Check out Marche Moderne to go menu.

Day 2: March 20, 2020

Day 2 Quarantstream March 20, 2020

Day 1 March 19, 2020 Quarantstream

Day 1: QuarantStream March 19, 2020

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Scott Bourquin is a Best Selling Author©, retired Air Force Reserve Instructor Pilot, and tech geek. When he isn't surfing, skiing or flying jets, he is looking for the next Cool Toy. HIs whole life he has been the guy with the Cool Toys and that's why he started this show.

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