COOLTOYS TV host has a problem with season three. The fans weren’t there.

Sadly it isn’t looking like Season 4 (we are hoping to find the sponsors to make sure we have one) is going to be any different. So what’s a host to do? Create Fan2Stage®. The problem with Fan2Stage is that he built it for a large studio. It was too much to run in the little home studio, so he had another idea.

F2S.Live is the cloud based lite version of Fan2Stage that anyone with a livestream show can use at home or in a small studio. Today Scott is going to try it out while he opens some boxes. A few test fans will get to laugh, cheer, boo, whistle and jeer him on. This is the first test so nothing might happen.

If you want to be part of the test group, email before 10:00 am Pacific to get added to the list. If you make it, you will get an email with a link to download the test version of the app on iOS only.

Scott never got to the boxes of course. We are going to try that again tomorrow.

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