Why is CRUTOYS on Scott’s Jeep?

The Business Side of COOLTOYS ® TV, CRÜTOYS.

The French use the word CRU or CREU has a wide swath of meanings. Most people in the U.S. Associate the word with wine, but the more you learn about the French the more you understand what it means to understand the term CRU.

We think of CREW as a group of local people. At Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the annual parade is run bu a “Krew”. One use of the word CRU in French relates to local people. The “Krew” that runs Mardi Gras are secret, but one can only assume local since that party takes a lot of work.

Cru is More Than A Word

The truth is there is no direct translation. The words CRU and CRUE convey a general association with good things that take time. A good cured ham can be described as CRU as can local village people. It isn’t about wine, or people or ham though. The sense of CRU is all about what it takes to make or be something that lasts, is dependable, and is of quality.

If you search for the definition online you get many translations and honestly most won’t make any sense at all, especially if you have spent any time studying wine as Host Scott has. While the term is normally applied to wine by the French, we like to apply it to those things that make our lives better and stand the test of time here at COOLTOYS® TV. Scott also uses the term on his “Small Business Minute” series about growing a business.

CRUTOYS on Scott’s Jeep®

Great toys make life easy, fun and sometimes help you move forward. That sounds like “growth” to us. Sometimes those toys are “vintage” like a great old surfboard or an old car like Josh’s Hot Rod. So here at COOLTOYS ® TV, we use “CRU” in the broader sense of the word. A bit like the Krew in New Orleans too. We see it as that group of friends and things that get better with age, have quality at the core and stand the test of time. Jeeps have been around for a long long time, and according to Scott fit the term perfectly. But he also said he is considering an older Defender for the same reasons.

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