The best of COOLTOYS® are CRUTOYS well Really CRÜTOYS if you look Closely

Welcome to the best of COOLTOYS finds, CRÜTOYS.

Some people think the French word CRU translates into the English word Vintage. In many cases it does. The more we looked the more we found that CRU is one of those funny French words that doesn’t quite translate directly. If you search for the definition online you get many translations. One is “A group of vineyards”. In many cases it also means “growth”. While the term is normally applied to wine by the French, we like to apply it to life here at COOLTOYS® TV.

Great toys make life easy, fun and sometimes help you move forward. That sounds like “growth” to us. Sometimes those toys are “vintage” like a great old surfboard or an old car like Josh’s Hot Rod. Everything here on the CRÜTOYS page is something we dug up. We scour the planet for the best of