Behind the toys is about all of the gear that we use to shoot CoolToys. Last year we did a short behind the scenes in our studio. This video goes a lot more in depth about what we are using. Scott tests and demonstrates different microphones, cameras and talk about acoustics.

We use a mix of Canon Cameras, but the differences will apply to any DSLR or handy cam. We also have tascam and Røde microphones and different LED lights for the setup. Finally we have some acoustic panels from that don’t look like panels. All of the toys we use add something to the videos as you will see and hear in this video.

To be perfectly honest we got started with Canon because the Handy Cam was on sale and all we had at the time. Then because of the Canon service center just 21 miles from the studio, and a second one up in Hollywood California we elected to stick with Canon.

The resources available to us because of those Canon Service Center locations has proven to be a great benefit. Scott’s wife is a professional photographer and the owner of Custom PhotoCraft which she acquired from their uncle Richard Ryder. Her camera of choice for portraits is the Canon 5D Mkii and she also provides the 70D used in this video. Kelly produces several CoolToys episodes.
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