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CoolToys ® TV brings you all of the coolest stuff that make life better. Sometimes we stream live and you can cheer us on with the Fan2Stage app. All episodes available online.


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Scott Surfing

ERS Surf, WaxMat and A Dead Battery EP 4_09

Rubicon V Sahara
The French Connection EP 4_08


Season 4 Videos

Season four of CoolToys TV ® gets bigger badder and faster. More Jeep stuff, and more COOLTOYS® with a few failures too.

Season 3 Videos

And then there were two?  The X-Games doctor who infamously holds the record for the worst injury at the X-Games joins the CoolToys crew for a season. 

Season 1 and 2 Videos

It all started with a bet that we could make a number one video right out of the gate. We did, and it was so popular we got sued over the name. So we changed the name to CoolToys TV ® 

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