Transcript from Video

Hey everybody how are you doing?  It’s Scott here with CoolToys TV, and we created our own toy that we hope you will think is pretty cool.  Actually we created an App, My Drink Order

It all started with a simple problem that happened in two different ways the same week.  First I was in a busy restaurant trying to order a beer while I was waiting for my guest.  I couldn’t hear the bartender over the music and didn’t like yelling at her.  

A couple of days later I was trying to order a drink from a waitress who is deaf and uses a cochlear implant.  As she walked away I tried to get her attention.  In both cases a visual que was needed so we created one.  So next time you are in a bar try My Drink Order®.

All you do is open the app like this.  

Select your drink or other options.  If you select a drink, another selection shows up so you can fine tune it and then press “Hey”.

Then the screen flashes like this and no matter how crazy the bar is you get the right order quickly.  If your waitperson has a hard time hearing you, you don’t have to yell any more.

Time for the check?  Go back and select Check Please.

Want a Mai Tai?  Select the customizer, type it in and there you have it.  Mai Tai.


hey bartender my drink order