The Jeep JL or the Jeep JK That is THE Question!

Dealers are making deals. The Jeep JK and JL are both on the lot. In fact in 2018, Jeep was selling both the JK and JL models and many dealers still have both 2018 models hiding out back with great prices on them. We were very tempted to go with a 2018, but we picked up a 2019 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara JL. While we think it is a little too civilized, it is still a serious Jeep.

The 2019 Jeep JL we picked up arrived nearly identical to the Jeep JK we gave back. We added a lot of CoolToys approved upgrades like LED Halo head lights, Diamond LED tail lights, a headliner, and roof rack. The 2019 had all of that from the factory. Well the roof rack was an add on but it was a Jeep Mopar part and we like it better than the Rhino Rack even though it whistles a bit at speed.

After taking it into four foot snow drifts and spending a week in the Lake Tahoe area, we brought it back to the studio for a review and a couple quick add ons. The review is pretty straight forward since our 2019 came equipped just like the 2016 JK left.

CoolToys Jeep JL in Snow

Two things we already added to the new JL. First was the fold down tray for the back door which is great for long road trips. Next was a WeatherTech seat cover for co-host Chloe the dog because the old seat cover was not cool. After using several slightly less expensive seat covers in our JK, we spent our own money and bought the WeatherTech. It is the hands down winner, but we suggest a couple of those elastic clips for holding the sheets on the bed. Chloe manages to get it all bunched up when she jumps in. Other than that, the Weathertech seatcover is CoolToys Approved!

The Video for this episode contained an error, and as soon as we have it corrected it will be back online.

2016 Jeep JK Final Upgrade – Headliner Kit

The CoolToys Jeep JK Gets a Headliner Kit

If you have trouble talking on the cell phone, if your head is hot on long trips, or cold in the winter, maybe a headliner kit can help. If you have a Jeep JK that is.

In this episode Scott spends 5 hours in 103+ heat driving up to the old garage studio and then does it again coming back to the beach. On the way up, no headliner and the main camera is in a duffle bag.

On the way back, new headliner and the Canon XF 100 is in a nice Pelican case for the ride home.

******The Video Was Taken Down Due To An Error and Will be Back Soon*****

If you want your interior to be even a little quieter, a headliner kit will do the trick.

Surf Wax Replacements Tested

Scott goes out and tests three surfboard wax replacements. First there was Versasurf’s #versatraction, followed by Hexatraction, and finally the knockoff from Israel that looked like it belonged in a bathtub.

CoolToysTV Waxless Surfboard Replacement Test with Scott Bourquin

The Jeep Wrangler JK or JL

The New JL is here and we hit the road.

With Epic Snow in the Tahoe Basin, we took the new 2019 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara Unlimited on a snow run. We wanted to see if it was really “Unlimited”.

Cooltoys Jeep JL out for a snow test

We are working on the next video right now and you guessed it. Scott will talk about the new JL vs the older JK and go over all the big differences. Check back next week.

Some quick things right up front. We added LED headlights and tail lights to the JK. The JL came with them. The JK had the V-6. We opted to test the new 2.0 I-4 Turbo with the 2019 JL. Sting-Grey was selected as the color instead of Granite Crystal to sort of tone down how civilized the JL has become.

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