On October 26th 2008, CoolToys.tv had it’s humble beginnings as a free blog on WordPress.com  You can still see it, KuhlToys.wordpress.com.  The mission was an extension of our host, Scott Bourquin’s former home technology business.  He has a problem with toys, apparently he just won’t grow up.

As the blog grew in scope Scott tried the idea of a video addition to the blog, Tech-Tach-Dough.  A show about technology, fast toys (tach as in tachometer), and money.  The first episode was about adding LED Halo Headlights to a Jeep JK.

Here is a slightly updated version of that first video.

The demo video hit 50,000 views the first week without any advertising or marketing work.  After making two more videos, it was quickly determined that no one was ready to hear Scott pontificate about money and the “dough” was dropped.  It would only be about Tech and Tach, basically big boy toys.

After a little market testing of CoolToys and KuhlToys we found that our original blog brought some weight with it so we created KuhlToys.com and filed for the trademark.  In doing so we were opposed by an not so cool company that thought they owned the word Kuhl, and therefore KuhlToys was theirs, not ours.

When the first blog started in 2009 they were a little company like ours and we had never heard of them.

As a precautionary measure, we did the research and spent the money to insure the CoolToys was in fact available as a trademark on a commercial level and when it was found to be available, we filed and received that Trademark as a backup.

So for now we are running our show as both KuhlToys and CoolToys® until the courts tell us what our limits are.  For now you can only buy our swag with CoolToys and CoolToys.TV on it.  We are hoping to get KuhlToys Swag back out soon.

Thank you for watching our show and your support!

The CoolToys and KuhlToys team.